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Recent content by Ferret619

  1. F

    Blades For Fatboy

    I find feathers to only give me irritation if I apply too much pressure, in a heavy razor they are great and crazy efficient
  2. F

    Blades For Fatboy

    I love the nacet, GSB and feathers but the rubies are great too
  3. F

    Straight Razors Downunder....

    Dovo Prima Klang amoung a couple others including a kamisori. I hone my own :)
  4. F

    How do *you* use Alum?

    Rub it through my wet hair for a nice style occasionally for a lighter hair dressing. Post shave, I give my face a quick once over with a wet alum block then rinse off with cold water after applying my deodorant.
  5. F

    How do you feel about the death of cursive handwriting?

    personally I applaud schools for working to stay relevant. They arnt doing away with literacy, just a style of writing which is no longer as prevalent as it once was.
  6. F

    Shoe recommendations

    Really depends on your style but; - for work I love my Dr martins, once broken in they are so comfortable. - causally I love my vans and I use these to work out in too. - occasionally I will also wear some bare foot type shoes, while not for everyone I love having the flexibility and it helps...
  7. F

    How many Freemasons do we have on B&B

    Freemasons are the best organisation of men I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with that said that is my experience and won't neasisarily reflect yours. As a mason you arnt likely to get out of speeding tickets, rather if the officer is a mason he's more likely to get grief as we strive to...
  8. F

    How many Freemasons do we have on B&B

    Interesting how things change. That said I must urge you to remember your obligation, I know most info you can get online but still..not that discussing ritual is but u know
  9. F

    Underrated razors

    Aristocrat JR, specifically the #48
  10. F

    U.S. Gillettes vs English Gillettes.

    I find the English to be generally superior, However there are some US made items I wouldn't be without.
  11. F

    How many Freemasons do we have on B&B

    Wow I'd love to pick your brain! That sounds fascinating, I was entered just over a month ago myself
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