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Recent content by fast shaver

  1. fast shaver

    Arko August 2020

    I'm In for Arko August 2020..!
  2. fast shaver

    first synthetic

    Is the Clubman synthetic brush 22mm or 24mm.? Does it splay easily when face lathering.? Thanks!
  3. fast shaver

    TurnNShave Synthetic knots

    I have the Turn N Shave " Synthetic Chess Boss Knot ". Its really densely packed but, will splay fairly easily. Milton does good work. :thumbup1:
  4. fast shaver

    Is this blade alignment out ?

    The Razor is defective as an expensive Razor should not have the blade askew like that.
  5. fast shaver

    I want to put my head through a wall you Synthetic Brush you!

    I really like all my synthetic brushes & never had a problem with any of them.
  6. fast shaver

    Babybacks or Saint Louis cut of ribs--which do you prefer?

    I lived in St. Louis for years & have never heard of the St. Louis Cut ribs. My folks always BBQ'd the baby backs.
  7. fast shaver

    A&E Kaizen

    Kaizen shave soap gets good reviews on the Tube.! :thumbup1:
  8. fast shaver

    Qshave futur clone review after 1st use

    OMG..! Thats a lot of Irritation on your neck. :w00t: Dial it down to 1 next time.
  9. fast shaver

    The History of Shaving Blade production in Israel

    Those machines look like they could turn out 100,000 blades in 8 hours & maybe more.! Thanks for the interesting info.
  10. fast shaver

    Wet shaving Youtubers

    I watch & like all these guys. Picked up a lot of tips from them all over the years. :thumbup1:
  11. fast shaver

    Personna Lab Blue Overrated???

    They are overrated for the price you paid.! I really like my Lab Blue blades. I have seen them on Ebay for around 12-13 something bucks shipped per 100 blades. The Astra blades shave about the same for me though. The EJ DE89 is one heck of a great razor for these blades. :thumbup1:
  12. fast shaver

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Feather X-15 close shaves..!
  13. fast shaver

    PIF: Bowl, Boar Brush, Soaps [CONUS]

    I'm In. My two boys could put all that nice stuff to good use. Thank You for a generous PIF .!!
  14. fast shaver

    Canned Foam (Barbasol Aloe): Revisited

    I use a can of Barbasol Original for a quick shave now & then & it works OK for me. I would rather whip something up with a brush & a hard soap puck though.