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    Another Soap PIF!

    I'm in.! I have not tried those yet plus I can't smell very good either. Thanks for a nice PIF..!
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    Favourite instant coffee?

    Tasters Choice French Roast for me as I usually drink only 1-2 cups a day.
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    Alum block blues

    My Osma block is holding up great after 4 months of use but, it really does not do anything for me as far as I can tell.
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    How would you respond to this comment?

    I'm in a rural area & have no problem dropping off packages at the Post Office.
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    Dollar General Blades

    These Vietnam blades work very well for me.!
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    What are your favorite blades for your Game Changers?

    My GC .68 likes GSB & Personna Lab Blue blades but, YMMV.
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    Nor'Easter aftershave

    When the Boss likes it, you can't go wrong.! :ouch1:
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    A Turkish Delight: The Yuma razor.

    Its sad that you guys will never know how good the Yuma shaves. Mine is made in Turkey.
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    Fake Lord razors

    How is the blade reveal & blade gap? The Lord Tech & L6 are both spot on perfect. If yours is not its probably a fake.
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    Ugggh. I'm already "Jonesin" for another NEW Razor in less than a week!

    You have not yet found your Excalibur Razor yet... Keep searching.!
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    GC .68

    The Game Changer .68 or .84 base plate is an excellent razor. I prefer the .68 plate for daily use though.
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    Favourite Youtube Shaver

    Ken Surfs, Rud Shaves, GeoFatBoy, PaulHFilms & The Average Joe. The Average Joe will tell you if a product stinks which is why I like him.
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    Chess set give away.

    Congrats to the Winner.!
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    Non-Fluoride Toothpaste

    Tom's Of Maine & baking soda formed into a paste. Check with your dentist before using non fluoride tooth paste to see what he thinks about it.
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    Request for a new sub forum - G.O.M.L.

    Thats one Lawn Tractor too many IMO. Nice try though.! :cheerful: