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    Sheriff: Lead bullet fatally struck ‘Rust’ cinematographer

    That explains why people walked off the job just hours before the shooting. That's bad.
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    What facial hair style do you sport?

    I wore masks as a nurse for years, and that's why I had a chin beard: the dang ingrown hairs!
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    Slippers / House shoes

    I'll post a pic of what I use. I had a pair I bought used from a Goodwill store that I had for 25+ years. They are basically a moccasin style driving shoe. The pair I replaced them with was new old stock from the 'bay. Exact same shoe. Lol, they FINALLY have stretched out to fit like slippers...
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    I take it tabac

    I meant to hit the sad face thing. Sorry hunny....
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    "blue" aftershave options what else is out there

    High praise! There is an Avon blue aftershave that has been off the market quite awhile that is blue, has a spray top, called "Marine Musk" or musk marine.... I'll go look. I really like it, especially in Summer, but it's fine year round. Edit: it's Musk Marine. It has has legs, and a little...
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    dmshaver's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Welcome, David. There sure a lot of Dave's around here!
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    Waiting for me

    Perfectly stated my friend.
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    Roedeer's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Alan! Thank you for FINALLY telling us a little bit about yourself! I've always been fascinated with deer.
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    Alum Ladd's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself! Welcome.
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    Greetings from a northern newbie!

    Welcome, @DachshundFan ! That was a very well written introduction! Thanks for joining us!
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    The great 3D Printing thread

    Id seen those, very nice!
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    I take it tabac

    That's how I met my first wife! Edit: I'm all tough actin' because I'm sittin' here waiting on her while she's in with Doctor's appointment! Yeah, I know when to cross the line...
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    Springer SA-35 … MSRP $699

    Not surprised. Me too!
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    FS Blackland Blackbird Ti

    Beautiful my friend!
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    What would you tell your past newbie self about wet shaving?

    I feel I have to Korreck you on a few points: buy Gillette Silver Blue blades and some old Gillette New Long Comb razors. And of course, Arko. And Williams. And Palmolive Stick. And all the vintage Avon aftershave lotion you can find.
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