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  1. FarmerTan

    Challenge PIF - Classic Wilkinsons Vs Modern Wilkinsons

    If they make a cologne maybe it will chase away Michigan's state bird: the mosquito!
  2. FarmerTan

    Challenge PIF - Classic Wilkinsons Vs Modern Wilkinsons

    Does Arko come in a tube? Anyhoo, I tried the modern Wilky German one. I kinda rushed it, and I will definitely need to shave again tomorrow. I have NO IDEA what that cream is called! Wonderful stuff, I think I didn't get it wet enough. Better luck next time? I'm going to break out the...
  3. FarmerTan

    Challenge PIF - Classic Wilkinsons Vs Modern Wilkinsons

    Well, shave number one is in the books! I chickened out and used my H2 Tech, because I am using the German blade first. I've used a vintage Wilky that was given to me, so I know it's a GREAT blade for my incredibly handsome face. I planned on starting yesterday, but am REALLY glad that I...
  4. FarmerTan

    No Barber Shops open ? No problem.

  5. FarmerTan

    Splurge on anything recently?

    MAJORLY jealous here my friend! Gorgeous.
  6. FarmerTan

    WARNING: Sebum Lather Photos Ahead!

    Is anyone else grossed out by the name of the company? Sebum. Is that really the name? All I can think of is blackheads. It does make an amazing looking lather, wow!
  7. FarmerTan

    Who isnt going back to their barber shop when all this is over?

    I was two minutes into this before I realized they were attempting to speak English! This is why I only trust my hair to myself. Poor guy. That is rough on a marriage, lol.
  8. FarmerTan

    2020 NFL Season

    This just in: the Lions manage to lose EVERY game in 2020! (Bold prediction, right?!?)
  9. FarmerTan

    What the heck just happened?? (Gillette Tech)

    Yep, there's a reason they have clones!
  10. FarmerTan

    Shaving head (Oster Classic 76, Wahl Balding) question

    I had one cordless clipper that I used professionally, but it was YEARS ago, like 35+. It of course did not have a lithium ion battery, hence it was useless in a relatively short period of time. Buy corded, it doesn't get in anybody's way except the barber. Nothing worse than the battery dying...
  11. FarmerTan

    DE shaving with shave foam

    Our Dad's got smarter as they aged. If my old man heard the phrase "shave den" he'd laugh his.... rear off!
  12. FarmerTan

    Shoot the Moon

    That is really a wonderful shot. Took some real planning on your part!
  13. FarmerTan

    How Serious Is Your Community About Covid-19? - Mega Thread

    Hope it wasn't your shaving arm! Sorry to hear this my friend. Hopefully you are a freakishly fast healer like me.
  14. FarmerTan

    Who isnt going back to their barber shop when all this is over?

    Yeah, she HATES my Barber too!
  15. FarmerTan

    DE shaving with shave foam

    When I first started shaving it was with my dad's DE. Then he musta got grossed out and bought me one, lol. But he always used canned foam, so I did too. Never heard of a brush and puck until I was past 30. So I am more likely to think about my dad when I use the canned stuff. So I use it...