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Recent content by Fairway Ray

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    CADE is rapidly becoming my favorite

    Love the soap and got a deal on the bowl for 6 dollars.
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    Best Boar brush

    I have the Semogue 1305 and the Omega 31064. The Omega wins because it is more dense.
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    Semogue 1305 boar brush

    I like my 1305, but it take a back seat to my Omega 31064 which has a more dense knot.
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    Latest Project -- Teaser!

    Good point about the brush. Maybe a custom stand instead?
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    Latest Project -- Teaser!

    Superb! I can only imagine the price for that pair. When finished, they should be cased. Have you given any thought to designing a nice wooden display case?
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    Semogue v. Golden Nib v. Something else

    I have the gn finest extra in a Penworks brush also and it is one fine brush! It exudes luxury. If its scritchy, its scritchy in a good way. I have no problems what so ever with this brush. Its my keeper badger. It sure ended my search for a first class brush.
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    I voted for a 23. Would like it with a longer handle. Medium loft would be fine. :biggrin:
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    Savile Row?

    email the owner or call. The website is woefully out of date. I hear the owner is great to deal with. He just can't keep his website up to date.
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    Do you take the blade out everyshave?

    Stainless steel does not rust. Carbon steel does. I have yet to use a carbon steel blade though they do exist.
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    Is this Silver Tip?

    "Finest" is a grade of silver tip.
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    Comprehensive List of Gem SE Razors

    There is the GEM pat 1918 and various GEM jr.s I have seen on the web.
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    the ethics of PIF

    Unless the product is defective, heck yeah, PIF it. Its good karma to give things away.
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    Irisch Moos vs Tabac

    I have both and prefer the Irisch Moos for the scent. Both lather very well.
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    What ya think bout this gem ebay score?

    I was going to go to 20 but I was too slow. Thats ok my wallet thanks you.:wink:
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    What ya think bout this gem ebay score?

    Congrats, I was the other bidder. :smile:
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