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Recent content by Face&Head

  1. Face&Head

    Brooks Brothers

    I've been a Brooks' customer for over 50 years (purchased my 1st suit there with my grandfather in 1964 at age 13). I've shopped mostly at their flagship store on Madison Avenue here in New York, although in recent years, also online. There have certainly been significant changes over the years...
  2. Face&Head

    Brooks Brothers

    In their dress pants they offer waist sizes up to 52 inches.
  3. Face&Head


    Junghans is a 155 year old German watchmaker nestled in the Black Forest city of Schramberg, not far north of the Swiss border city of Schaffhausen, home to IWC. In the early 1960s they had Max Bill design lines of watches and clocks. He was an apprentice of Walter Gropius studying at Bauhaus...
  4. Face&Head

    Simpsons Brush Hierarchy?

    The Simpson's here are all "Super", except for one Manchurian (I keep that one around to remind me not to buy another). You'll note that there are three Chubby 3s. No one needs a Chubby, let alone three. These are from different vintages, as are many of the other brushes, and have quite...
  5. Face&Head

    General Eisenhower

    Like many in the Boomer generation, my dad served in Europe during WWII. When we were growing up he had what we all thought was a really eccentric method of cooking steaks; he'd put them right on top of the charcoal. They were always very thick (~4") and he claimed that this was how the then...
  6. Face&Head

    I think Gillette is on to us

    Actually in 1920, the last full year of their patent protection, they only made about $600,000. After they stopped the high priced razor model their profits exploded to $18 million by 1925. This change was forced on them by their competitors and they would not have survived without it.
  7. Face&Head

    I think Gillette is on to us

    Yes, it was about 1/3 of a working-man's weekly wage. It should also be noted that blades sold for $0.083 (1915), which is ~$1.96 in today's dollars. A decent straight could be purchased for $0.60 to $1.00 at the time and a really high-end German Blade with fancy scales for ~$3.00. Many users...
  8. Face&Head

    I think Gillette is on to us

    Those early years, starting over a century ago are known as the "Patent Years", during which time Gillette maintained a high price for the razors but quickly changed strategies as the patents were about to expire. Most companies lose market share and profits when they loose patent protection...
  9. Face&Head

    Mother of Invention

    My work-day morning routine starts at 4:10 when I get up, hit the button on the coffee maker, shower, dress, and head out the door with a 20 oz thermos of coffee to catch my train. A few months ago I bought a Wilfa at a stupid-cheap price from a Williams Sonoma Outlet (they had discontinued the...
  10. Face&Head

    I think Gillette is on to us

    Gillette's business model going all the way back to King Camp Gillette, has been to make money selling blades not razors. In the 1960s their blade dominance was challenged by Wilkinson (tiny market share but it rattled management) and they moved aggressively into proprietary products. While we...
  11. Face&Head

    Manchurian badger backbone

    It's important to understand that the hair is but one factor in a brush's perceived "backbone". How dense it is packed and how the loft is set are important as well. The Thäter in the center below has a radically shaped bulb knot. The much shorter loft on the perimeter hair helps give it more...
  12. Face&Head

    Rediscovered Namiki Elite

    Indeed they do, my post was poorly worded. Meant only those were the piston filled that I have & use regularly. Sailor makes beautiful instruments as does Omas.
  13. Face&Head

    Rediscovered Namiki Elite

    I've always lived in and around NYC and started going to Fountain Pen Hospital with my grandfather as a teen in the 1960s. While I haven't bought a pen in some time, I buy ink on Amazon and peruse at eBay from time to time as well.
  14. Face&Head

    Rediscovered Namiki Elite

    Several years ago I transitioned to using just my piston fill pens, which for me meant using just Pelikan and on rare occasions Montblanc. Some of this had to do with ink capacity and the rest was just a personal preference. Today I was rooting around in a box filled with the retired pens for a...
  15. Face&Head

    Duke 3 v Chubby 1?

    Below is a Duke 3 next to a Chubby 1 both with 2-band Super knots. Aside from stock items, over the years I have found Mark very accommodating if you have specific brush your want made up. While the knot in the Duke appears larger than the one in the Chubby, it is nowhere near as dense and has a...
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