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    Cremo is underrated

    Im a head shaver that has converted to shower shaving. When I shaved at the sink, I had a hard time w cremo's performance. It dried out and got too goopy for me. I randomly tried it again in the shower the other week and it works so much better for me. It's extremely slick. I use it when...
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    Made new wooden lather bowl - spalted hackberry

    beautiful and functional work of art!
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    Flying with full-sized TOBS Jermyn Street Aftershave/Cologne in luggage?

    I havent traveled since wet shaving. Not to hijack the thread - but there's no way to bring blades in your carry-on, is there? Do yall just bite the bullet and use a disposable razor while traveling?
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    The I'm a failure at mug/bowl lathering PIF!

    Very cool PIF, Im IN!
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    How often do you draw blood when shaving?

    My head - rarely My Neck - It's a miracle when I dont.
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    New to the forum just saying hello

    Welcome! As a fellow newbie - dont be shy to ask questions. This board has been a great resource for me so far!
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    Shaving with long hair

    Dang - look at this dude shoving his hair privilege in our faces! (as I rub my bald dome) 😆
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    head shaving?

    Same here. I had the same issue w drying. I just started shaving the dome in the shower. Took a little bit to get use to shaving by feel, but after a while it's 2nd nature.
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    The TGIF PIF - Odds and Ends

    Im in! What a generous PIF 1. My brother's name was stephen and Id rile him up by calling him urkel. Classic big brother torture that always got me in trouble 2. Same brother didnt know what TGI Friday's meant until late into HS and always thought the restaurant was connected to the TV show...
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    A Question for Head Shavers

    Thank you all for the advice. Much appreciated!
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    A Question for Head Shavers

    What moisturizer do you use?
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    Homemade Labels for Soaps and Aftershaves

    I had no idea this was a thing. You guys are talented!
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    A Question for Head Shavers

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum. This isnt really about shaving per se, but afterward. New to both wet and head shaving. Looking for best practices to reduce head shine. Im one oily **** and my head looks like polished chrome ball after a few hours. I prefer the matted look. Any lotion...
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    Razor Advice/Suggestions for a newbie

    Pulled the trigger on that. For 25 bucks, why not??? Thank you!
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    Razor Advice/Suggestions for a newbie

    Thank you. Im not married to any particular style of razor. Right now, I just want performance. Also being able to get the point where I can shave relatively quickly in rush if I need to. Switching from carts has changed my perspective in shaving - from an chore to an enjoyable experience...
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