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  1. expatCanuck

    Smoker Recommendation

    I purchased a Kamado Joe Classic II 1.5 years ago (~ $850 at the Costco Kamado Joe roadshow). Best bang for the buck ever. I can dial in and hold 225° pretty much effortlessly. And if you want to sear tasty animal, it'll hit 650° about as easily. The Green Egg is much the same beast, but...
  2. expatCanuck

    Stone(s)/strop for honing/sharpening a straight?

    Greetings - New to straights. I've been shaving with a DE for about 20 years. In my kitchen, I use mostly Japanese steel. A Bester 1200, Kohetsu 2K and Suehiro 5K keep them sharp enough for my liking. (I also have a Naniwa Super 3K which, for me, is like trying to hone an edge with a pencil...
  3. expatCanuck

    Anyone else forego soap/cream?

    When I use soap, I face lather with the Rooney. The reason that I increasingly forego soap is that i no longer see the need, and don't particularly want to. I'll add that this is only after a hot shower. My coarse growth needs to be softened before I can shave effectively.
  4. expatCanuck

    Anyone else forego soap/cream?

    I work from home 3 days/week, shave infrequently, and increasingly forego shaving soap. (The last brush I bought was a Rooney 3/1 a decade or so ago.) I just wash my face well while taking a hot shower, towel off leaving my face wet, and use an open comb DE (typically with a white-box Crystal...
  5. expatCanuck

    For all you breadmakers...question

    Here's an example -- this morning's bake:
  6. expatCanuck

    Should Schools Bring Back Cursive Handwriting?

    Gonna go with 'no'. I printed my college exams (in the 80's & 90's). My cursive was always atrocious, and when I was no longer required to use it, I stopped. I now only use cursive for my signature. The last time I recall my son using cursive was grade school. He's now a published academic...
  7. expatCanuck

    For all you breadmakers...question

    I've been baking bread for over 20 years. Sourdough most of the time. When it's just Mrs. E and me, I bake 2 cup loaves (4/3 cup white, 2/3 cup whole wheat, 60-70g of sourdough, ~220g water, 7g or so of salt). In northern VA, a loaf lasts the better part of a week without going moldy. FWIW...
  8. expatCanuck

    Your favourite "hot" sauce ?

    I'll echo the non-garlic Sambal Oelek. Otherwise, if I want heat, I'll create it myself. I've had good luck growing chili, yellow chili, thai chili, habanero and, yes, Trinidad Scorpions in the back yard.
  9. expatCanuck

    ... something new for dinner ...

    I'm approaching my 60th year, and have been the chief cook & bottle washer since I was married almost 30 years ago. Figured I'd run out of ideas. But no. I knew that I had a slab of salmon that needed cooking tonight, and I was tired of the grill. The grill is easy -- anything you cook over...
  10. expatCanuck

    What's Cooking 2017

    Certainly, there is a school of thought espousing duck-fat fries as the highest & best use of duck fat (and they're on the menu at a pub near my place of employment :) ).
  11. expatCanuck

    Rooney 3/1 'replacement' recommendations?

    Hi folks - It's been close to a decade, and my Rooney 3/1 (22mm knot, 46mm loft) is showing its age. Looking for something comparable, having a decent backbone, strictly for soaps & face lathering. Slightly smaller is preferable to slightly larger. Not overly concerned about price, as long as...
  12. expatCanuck

    What's Cooking 2017

    Extraordinary photos.
  13. expatCanuck

    What's Cooking 2017

    So ... this just happened. I'm not a vegan, nor do I play one on tv, but every now & again ... Sauteed some onion & garlic in olive oil. Squeeze of lemon & splash of white wine. Tossed in some thinly-sliced green pepper. Then some garbanzos that I pressure cooked yesterday. Then it got...
  14. expatCanuck

    Going Minimalist

    It seems that in the past year or so, if I'm fresh from the shower, I often don't even lather. Just a Gillette New with (lately) a Wilkinson bladge gets the job done.
  15. expatCanuck

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Gillette New w/ an Israeli Platinum.