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Recent content by Ethan365

  1. Ethan365

    Best oriental-spicy cologne in market

    Paul Sebastian
  2. Ethan365

    Searching for a manly soap!(and matching balm hopefully)

    PAA Porthos - smells just like Aramis cologne.
  3. Ethan365

    Soaps close to Old Spice

    PAA Cold Spices. It smells great and has just a little bit of menthol which I find compliments the scent. I liked it better than B&M Spice which to me smelled like cinnamon and makeup. Its not a bad scent, I just prefer the PAA one.
  4. Ethan365

    What is your “must try” aftershave?

    The aftershaves that blew me away are Captain's Choice North with my own added menthol crystals (something about the juniper combined with menthol was just so refreshing) and also PAA's CaD (something about the fragrance of the aftershave combined with the strong menthol creates a real...
  5. Ethan365

    Aftershaves with scents that don't linger?

    So I love ending my shave with an aftershave splash. Particularly one that engulfs me in a wonderful scent. I have many PAA aftershaves but the problem is that I find many or most of them pretty strong - I think this is by design - but for me it means I can't use these scents when I'm going to...
  6. Ethan365


    You can compare the ingredients list. PAA’s is more natural as it doesn’t have fake color and preservatives. PAA’s ingredient list is going to look “cleaner.” Other than that, I’d imagine that PAA’s will last longer as Doug usually makes his aftershave fragrances with cologne level strength...
  7. Ethan365


    I know everyone has mentioned Proraso but my understanding is that in addition to the Eucalyptus, they add fragrance which gives it a bit of a powdery vibe, although I could be wrong because I’ve never tried it. If you’re looking for a straight Eucalyptus I would recommend Stirling’s “Eucalyptus...
  8. Ethan365

    most authentic lime scent

    I like it too but I don't get "natural" lime from this at all. To me it smells like a straight up piece of artificially flavored candy - like what a lime jolly rancher or lifesaver or a lime fruit loop would smell like.
  9. Ethan365

    Okay, so for the last 3 months we have been buying soaps unsniffed.

    Best: A 3 way tie between PAA Porthos (Aramis Clone), PAA Green Doppleganger (their clone of Paco Rabane) and PAA Sundown. Porthos is a dead ringer for Aramis cologne - very manly! Paco Rabane smells amazing and Sundown smells exactly like old school shaving cream - talc, powder, vanilla...
  10. Ethan365

    Does RazorPit work?

    I've seen ads for something called RazorPit, basically a piece of rubber you put soap on and then drag your blade across. This is supposed to extend the life of your blade and keep it sharper for longer. Has anyone tried it? Does it actually work or is it a gimmick?
  11. Ethan365

    Replacement for Dorco Twin?

    For some reason they are gentle and effective and just plain work for me. Has she tried a Mach 3? Mach 3 actually works well for me, but if I use them everyday I start to get irritation. The Dorco twin is a better every day shaver for me. Like pdieten said above, you can still get order them...
  12. Ethan365

    Replacement for Dorco Twin?

    Thanks! I had no idea it was still being offered by DSC! I must have switched to Dorco so long ago and misremembered DSC discontinuing it. I wonder how that will work - not being offered by Dorco but still being offered by DSC? In any case, I signed up for DSC and ordered 15 blades per month...
  13. Ethan365

    Replacement for Dorco Twin?

    About 7 years ago I gave dollar shave club a try and settled on their "humble twin" razor. Once they discontinued that, I found out that Dorco had been making the razor and switched to Dorco's twin. Alas, as I recently tried to order new blades, I found out that Dorco had discontinued...
  14. Ethan365

    Lavender:four choices-choose one

    I haven’t tried B and M or Fine but I did try a sample of the PAA lavender planet AS and holy cow it was like a lavender explosion on my face. His description of the scent on his webpage is spot on. His glass bottles of AS/Cologne are beautiful and well done too. I find they have more skin...
  15. Ethan365

    Do You Use Aftershave After Ever Shave?

    I don’t feel the shave is complete without the splash of aftershave. If I’m going to be around people, I use captains choice lime with some menthol crystals added since the scent fades quickly. If I’m just going to be at home I use a PAA AS/cologne (I really like them but they are so strongly...
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