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  1. EternalBachelor

    Wow target’s new shaving section

    The Target stores in my area don't have any wet shaving products that I can recall, and in general it's very hard to find anything better than Cremo (non-lathering version in the tubes) out in the wild around here.
  2. EternalBachelor

    What is your favorite Safety razor?

    I keep coming back to the Fatip Grande. I have more expensive razors, a few Gillettes too, but I just keep going back to the Fatip. I have several Fatip razors, the Piccolo, the Testina Gentile, etc. I particularly like the Grande, it feels good in the hand, has a nice sense of balance to it...
  3. EternalBachelor

    The Dreaded Derby Extra Blade

    It's funny, my previous comment here was a comment disparaging Derby blades for being dull and pulling on my beard. Well, today I shaved with a Derby Usta (which provide me with tuggy shaves) in my Fatip Grande and I got a really good shave. I mean, it did pull on my mustache hairs a little, but...
  4. EternalBachelor

    The Dreaded Derby Extra Blade

    I seem to have to shave daily to get workable shaves from Derby blades. If I wait any longer than a day, my hair will be long enough to feel the blade pulling.
  5. EternalBachelor

    I use a fresh blade every time I shave

    I never seem to get good shaves trying to use a blade more than once. It seems like a fantasy to me getting 30+ shaves on blades like some of you guys do. One and done every time (and when I don't, I regret it). I can feel the bluntness after one shave, and I don't feel it's worth the hassle of...
  6. EternalBachelor

    Zenith boar?

    I just got a Zenith boar today and lost several hairs in its maiden voyage. I soaked it in cool water, and I found I had to load for a lot longer compared to a synthetic. Lost quite a few hairs in the lathering stage and there was a stray hair that I had to cut with a scissor because it was just...
  7. EternalBachelor

    Zenith Brush Retailers?

    I just ordered mine from YourShaving. Even though I know I'm gonna have to wait a bit, I know the wait will be worth it. I was reading up on brushes and I have a few Omega synthetics which I imagine are similar to boars. I wanted to try a boar brush and I wanted the best, I ordered a bleached...
  8. EternalBachelor

    What razor/blade did you use today

    PAA Open Comb Slant with a Treet Carbon Steel (Black) blade. Really excellent shave. I had a week or more of beard growth and decided I wanted to shave with no prep, not even a splash of warm water. Lathered up TOBS Sandalwood, got an effortless BBS with zero irritation. Okay, I'm not going to...
  9. EternalBachelor

    Soaps That Punch Above Their Weight

    I look forward to trying Cremo Lathering. I couldn't find it in any local stores, so I ordered a tub from Amazon and it arrived today. I want to see what all the fuss is about (I like good budget products, and it smells really nice).
  10. EternalBachelor

    Best Modern High End DE Razor?

    I'm loving my Ikon Shavecraft Tech. I wouldn't use it as an every day razor, but I don't like to shave ATG, and shave closeness still matters to me. Nothing shaves closer than the Tech (at least, nothing I own). It provides a comfortable shave, even with how efficient the razor shaves.
  11. EternalBachelor

    Why so much love for Fatip?

    I think the Fatip is a fine razor. Perhaps it's not the finest razor, but it's a fantastic value. I was never that fond of my Merkur Long Handle razor, pot metal razors feel cheap and are easy to break. A Fatip costs $30 or less and will theoretically last you a lifetime; I have no alignment...
  12. EternalBachelor

    REVIEW : Fatip Grande

    Every Fatip I own is a winner, and I own quite a few. I vastly prefer open combs because I'm not a daily shaver kinda guy.
  13. EternalBachelor

    Best cart for a two pass shaver?

    Little background about me: I'm a DE shaver and I started with the low quality two-bladed disposable razors that they sell at many retail/drug stores. I never tried cartridge razors, I went straight from disposables to DE. The reason being I was spending my own money and I wanted to get the best...
  14. EternalBachelor

    First Shave with a Shavette

    Use blades that you consider less sharp (if you use one that takes DE blade halves). I used a shavette once and wrecked my face so bad that people thought I got attacked by my girl. I went back to my DEs after that.
  15. EternalBachelor

    Williams puck........it’s official I’m a member

    I don't use Williams daily, but I think it's better than the VDH soap once you dial it in.