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    ok be honest

    The last poor shave I had was using a new to me soap that I didnt get along with. All of my shaves are very good to great. I do however, shave every other day.
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    Do you really need adjustability in a razor? My answer is - NO.

    You're welcome. Steep vs shallow shaving is something thats been on my mind a lot lately. I need to shave shallow with my Fatip and R41 because they have such generous blade exposure. My GEM SE's also have generous blade exposure, even the Bullet Tip, that is much milder than the MMOC. I can...
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    Do you really need adjustability in a razor? My answer is - NO.

    I think adjustables, like my Slim, are great learning tools if one wants to understand blade gap and how it affects a shave. As gap increases so does blade exposure, to a point. Slim, setting 1. Slim, setting 9. Even on 9 it has barely neutral blade exposure. Increasing blade exposure will...
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    The Wanderer's Journey

    Damnit! I knew I forgot to add something to my soap order again lol.
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    Endgame... The ATT SE1/Schick Proline Journal

    Now it makes more sense. Thats a very rigid design. Thanks for that picture. It explains a lot.
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    Anyone else here ditched the TV?

    Rid myself of my Panasonic Plasma? Not a chance. That said, I dont watch network television other than the local 6PM news. The mainstream news media and social media/networking... Dont get me started Al lol. There are some good shows that are worth watching. I stream everything from my...
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    PIF: How Long to 3017 MdC?

    Dont overdo it Marty. Save some energy for loading the brush haha.
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    My Fatip, Joris, Schone, Collection and Journey 2018 and Beyond.

    I got to thinking about Vetiver, then reading. I came across this: Vetiver Oil - The Oil Of Tranquility - Uses & Benefits In Aromatherapy - https://www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/blog/products/all-about-vetiver-oil.html
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    My Fatip, Joris, Schone, Collection and Journey 2018 and Beyond.

    From how he described the scent, I'm pretty sure I'll like it too. The bush, summer underbrush, wet leaves in the fall or something along those lines. It sounds like one I'll really enjoy.
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    Gentlemanly restraint from BBS

    I shave every other day for a BBS finish and have done so for a long time. Waiting a bit longer makes no difference to me. Maybe even a New Years Pledge sort of thread. :) Some may say you do. ;) Thats a nice ABC!
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    My Fatip, Joris, Schone, Collection and Journey 2018 and Beyond.

    I hear great things about CRS French Vetiver. My nephew just got an order and a tub was in it. He said it smells so good hes trying to figure out how to get iit in the air vents of his truck, in his pillow and make a laundry soap that smells just like it lol.
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    Gentlemanly restraint from BBS

    Chasing a BBS finish can and usually will, lead to frustration. Learning what will let you have it, effortlessly even, is the hard part.
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    Gentlemanly restraint from BBS

    I shave for a BBS finish every shave and have had one for virtually every shave in the last 2+ years. The length of that BBS finish depends on the razor used. In the case of a Gillette Tech, 6 hours. My Fatip Grande 12 hours and my GEM MMOC, typically 14 hours but as long as 19 hours. The only...
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    DIY Vinyl Plank Flooring

    Words of experience! Husky Gel-Foam Stabilizer Work Knee Pads-1H-22380-04 - The Home Depot - https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-Gel-Foam-Stabilizer-Work-Knee-Pads-1H-22380-04/303534473
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    Gentlemanly restraint from BBS

    You are not alone. :) Or even one buffing pass! BBS or nothing! lol