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  1. EL Alamein

    Trip to France, anything to look out for?

    If you'll be near Paris I would recommend going to Planete Rasoir. Accueil - Planète rasoir - http://planeterasoir.com Chris
  2. EL Alamein

    Gotta be the best inexpensive soap

    I used it more than a decade ago. Yes it lathers well. The scent reminded me of New West, a scent from the 1980's but my memory may be off. In the end the scent didn't agree with my skin, rather strong if I recall. Can't use it because of that. Chris
  3. EL Alamein

    How long until vintage shaving soap loses its scent?

    I have to agree with the other gents who have already proffered advice here. I've bought plenty over the years and it's generally true. The only thing I've noticed is that if it's sealed you have a greater chance of the scent persisting. But it's still a crap shoot. Not much help, I know...
  4. EL Alamein

    Why do YOU use a straight razor?

    When I started shaving about 12 years old and my parents were divorced Dad wasn't around to show me the ropes. I tried everything available at the time and settled on the straight because Mom determined it gave the closest shave yet. I've since stuck with it. Chris
  5. EL Alamein

    Musgo Real scent question

    Years ago the Musgo bath soap smelled more similar to the shaving cream. They were not identical but very near. Apparently today, not so much. I stopped buying the soap years ago when it was reformulated. Can't offer an alternative. Chris
  6. EL Alamein

    Face lather vs bowl lather

    It comes down to personal preference. I've done both and I do a combination of both. I create a nice lather in a bowl then face lather with painting strokes on my face until I feel the lather is right. I can't just bowl lather as it doesn't seem quite right. Even then I'll add water to the...
  7. EL Alamein

    So...what am I supposed to do with this stuff?

    Looks like traditional Marseilles soap. Traditional French folk use it for everything from bathing to laundry to washing dishes etc. It's a basic soap. It's been around for centuries. It's made from a specific formula from olive oil and other local French ingredients. The French government...
  8. EL Alamein

    Cigars: Dialed In Or Still Playing The Field

    I've "dialed in". I know what I like and have found them in a purveyor that sells them at a reasonable price. I smoke these most of the time. Only when I'm out with the guys and we find ourselves at a smoking parlor with a vast selection do I sample something else that tickles my fancy. It's...
  9. EL Alamein

    TI razor won't cut

    What S&S said. The only other thing I can think of is if the geometry of the blade is off? If you're proficient at honing you should be able recognize this though. Chris
  10. EL Alamein

    Travelling- Carry On Bag Tips

    Nice but for me I have to check a bag every time since I use a straight razor. So I bring full size of anything I like. No issues hence. Chris
  11. EL Alamein

    Excess Lather

    According to Billy Hukin "back in the box!" Chris
  12. EL Alamein

    Knize Ten Aftershave Splash

    If you can't find it then if you add a few drops of water to a splash of the cologne then it's the same thing. Good luck. Chris
  13. EL Alamein

    Robert Conrad has died

    I remember that battery commercial and the Wild, Wild West from my childhood. RIP. Chris
  14. EL Alamein

    Starting With The Hard Bits

    Been there and done that. Many years ago I switched up just like you. I eventually abandoned it as I came to the conclusion that letting the lather sit on the upper lip and chin softened them more and made them easier to shave. Gotta figure it out for yourself though, many roads to Rome. Chris
  15. EL Alamein

    Dear Subaru ...

    All this makes me yearn for the days when a car was built to have everything rebuildable. I once owned a 1960 Cadillac and had the shop manuals (there were two because it was near identical to the 1959 and GM issued only a supplimental manual to address the differences so I had the 1959 manual...
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