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    What to look for in magnification

    Absolutely. It is crucial to both the quality of the images and the amount of useful info you will get from them to change the angle of both the subject as it is presented to the lens and also the lighting - both intensity and angle. Poor adjustment of those variables will get you a useless...
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    USB microscope is a game-changer.

    Alex, what process was the "effortless" edge produced by? That doesn't look like a slurried JNAT edge straight from a stone.
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    "Natural Whetstone Company" Arkansas Stone Review

    All other things equal, the larger the stone the more pain in the butt it will be to lap flat. There is a certain threshold of pressure that must be reached for efficient - or quick, if you will - cutting. Pressure is force divided by area. Going from a 2" × 8" stone (16 in²) to a 3" × 10" stone...
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    Dressing natural stones after flattening

    It's going to depend on the stone and your purposes. Very hard stones can be used in different ways by dressing them to a differing finish level. Softer ones can't be used this way very well, as they tend to quickly revert to whatever surface is produced during use as dull particles are ripped...
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    First rescale... Slate

    Nice! Turned out very good. Great job!
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    Specific Gravity and Absorption of Arks vs Washita's

    A porous stone that doesn't instantly absorb enough water to fill the pores could throw this test method out of whack. Same for an oil soaked stone that is repelling water. Washitas for instance. I read a geological report some time ago regarding their difference in weight when freshly mined and...
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    Oil Penetration - Lily White Washita

    Yeah for translucent hard Arkansas stones, remember they are something like 99.8% pure silica. The density of which is 2.65g/cm³. That is also basically the density of a good dense translucent hard Arkansas stone. Not a whole lot of space in there for oil to infiltrate (read: none). A Washita is...
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    USB microscope is a game-changer.

    As I've said many times... lighting is all important. Angular alignment of the subject next in line. Without those two being dialed in, you're only looking at a pretty picture. Not getting useful information.
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    Critter Pics.

    Then there was the kitten...
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    Critter Pics.

    Mowed a 25 acre overgrown field, got a few neat shots.
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    Sorry For the Intrusion

    Damn sorry to hear about the dog. I was just mowing a 25 acre (overgrown, 8 feet! tall in places) field as a favor for a friend. Had my kids there playing while I mowed. Second day two coyotes showed up. They didn't go home.
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    Ultrasonic Cleaning??

    Even regular Simple Green will do that - especially in a heated cleaner. Do NOT under any circumstances put aluminum in a heated Simple Green bath for instance. DAMHIKT. :a13:
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    OP, definitely be sure to lap under running water. Also to use as little pressure as possible. In addition, especially with soft hones/stones, it's helpful to only lap for a short time, then separate the hone and diamond plate and thoroughly remove any slurry by rubbing both the hone and...
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    Post your local/flea market stone scores (AKA Tim's Thread)

    Nice finds, fellas. Sweet looking stones.
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    Barber hone grit

    Egg-zackly. Frequently the degradation can be spotted by either a very dull matte appearance of the honing surface or a sort of patchy look to the surface. A good one will usually be almost shiny and very uniform.