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    Imaginary Authors?

    So we’ve been going through the sampler... and so far our favourite should are: For me - the cobra and the canary and a city on fire For my wife - bull’s blood and telegrama I also liked the fresh lawn, every storm a serenade and cape heartache but not sure if we liked them enough to buy full...
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    I just sorted out my shave den - show us yours.

    My corner and a shelf I have installed on my door.
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    What goodies are you expecting in the mail?

    This is what got in the mail for me. IA is a brand I only heard about a couple of weeks ago here in the forum and my wife and I decided to get the sampler for our anniversary... on the other hand, MdC is something I heard about 6 years ago when I started this journey with a cheap shavette. i...
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    Imaginary Authors?

    We just got a sampler yesterday... So far my wife tried O, Unknown and I like it... it reminded me to a soft incense which I enjoy and I tried The Canary & the Cobra and it's really nice, not sure how to describe it other than the words they use, I would say that this it feels a bit spicy to...
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    Hello from North Vancouver!

    Hello from Lynn Valley ;-)
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    Has anyone tried the Helmm deodorants?

    I’ll keep an eye on this, I’m also wondering about it as I read reviews online. mid also like to know if they sip to Canada
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    Feeling the best a man could feel in one day from a good deed.

    I am amazed by these stories. We sometimes forget that the best way to overcome an issue we must take care of each other... truly inspiring @RobertJ
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    Am I falling into the rabbit hole again?

    So I did ended up falling again... as I’m writing this I’m waiting on a sample set from imaginary authors (based on what I’ve been reading here on the forums) and my wife also liked the idea as they’re unisex so it will be our anniversary present... and I finally pulled the trigger on a MdC...
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    First time using TOBS Mr Taylor

    And one thing I forgot to mention... so far I haven't been able to lather a rich, creamy lather... it's always a bit thin
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    First time using TOBS Mr Taylor

    I like the smell... although it's a bit medicinal it's kinda fresh... but the first few times I added too much water... and I used a bowl, it might be better off with less water and maybe face lathering (haven't tried that)
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    First time using TOBS Mr Taylor

    I agree with Mr. Taylor being amazing. I've tried Triumph and Disaster (Which I'm using right now) Art of shaving, L'Occitane and I keep coming back to TOBS. For me it's the best cream I've used and an amazing scent. I also got the after shave splash and absolutely love it.
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    Am I falling into the rabbit hole again?

    It’s the same logic I use
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    Am I falling into the rabbit hole again?

    I absolutely agree with all of you... I showed restraint (and to avoid too many fights with the wife) and I could spend the extra in other things... some of the stuff I got was under the context of re-arranging the bathroom, which I know she likes :) ;) and yes... I’m definitely enjoying it...
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    Am I falling into the rabbit hole again?

    So it’s 2020 and I really don’t want to think (or talk) about all the bad news that we are hearing everywhere. And I know it’s been a while since I post here...literally, years. During this time many things have happened... sadly, I stopped using my straight razors due to lack of time, for...
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    What Was Your Cream Today?

    Today I used my favourite scent of all. Penhalligon's Blemhein Bouquet shaving cream and After shave Splash. Absolutely intoxicating scent. Love it.
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