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  1. edgerunner

    Some ink samples

    For whatever it's worth it, I wanted to share a few samples of inks. I've been exchanging some thoughts and opinions on inks with Carry (I hope I spelled her name right) from Reid's Stationery in Calgary. She had fun testing some of my and her own inks, and was so kind to share her efforts with...
  2. edgerunner

    Post your next 3 pens

    ...Hm! This is more than three isn't it?!
  3. edgerunner

    Looking for a Turquoise ink

    Thanks for asking James! Like the phoenix from the ashes (literally), still alive and shaking! Nowadays, my problem (for my own surprise) is to make a rotation of 20-30 inks work... And I definitely "need" a few more pens to test those (and 80 more) inks in.
  4. edgerunner

    Looking for a Turquoise ink

    De Atramentis Midnight Blue is my favourite Turquoise - the shading is incredible. Then comes Noodler's Turquoise; it's a very well behaved ink. And finally, the too bright for daily use but pleasantly cheerful Ku-jaku.
  5. edgerunner

    Best Parker Style refill

    The original Parker Gel is my favourite; the needle tipped Itoya is my second choice before Monteverde and Visconti. Schmidt is the last in my list. http://www.itoya.ca/Catalogs/Refills/Itoya_Refill/GPR7_ALL.htm
  6. edgerunner

    Watch Ya Wearing

    I looove watches! I'd been keeping an eye on one of those OC for the last few years. I used to have about 35 watches, a few of them G-Shock and Edifice which I don't have anymore. So, finally found an excuse to buy this OC. And I love it too. It's much lighter than the stainless steel Edifice...
  7. edgerunner

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Getting addicted to checking this thread! My mood today is for this:
  8. edgerunner

    I have been tasked by SWMBO *Calling for help*

    What about this one then: http://forums.watchuseek.com/f305/citizen-bm8475-26e-orange-black-military-style-review-pictures-640764.html ...or this:
  9. edgerunner

    Older watches

    I'm a big fan of affordable Orient watches. If you insist on buying a chronograph, there are plenty of great choices from Citizen, Seiko and Casio in your price range. But here's an alternative I'd like to suggest which in your budget: Case diameter: 46 (crown) x 42 x 12 mm (thickness) Lug...
  10. edgerunner

    Make you own yogurt

    I've been making my own yoghurt from 2% cow milk for long time - 4 liters almost every week. 1. Boil the milk in a pot and let it cool down to 46-48°C. The consistent temperature throughout all the stages is very important, it's almost everything in the process of yoghurt making! The amount and...
  11. edgerunner

    Japanese Kitchen Knives Round III ****closed

    I just read through the last couple of pages on this thread that I'd missed. Besides Dave's great offer, there's very interesting information here that helped me comprehend a few things about the knives differences, particularly about the Santoku and the Nakiri. I'm an occasional cook, my wife...
  12. edgerunner

    B&B community doesn't stop to amaze me!

    :w00t: That's my face after the first use of the new brush! Rudy did a great job with this one as usual. The D01 2-band knot is flawless. No surprise, it's a soap destroyer. Typically for this Shavemac grade, it feels very stiff and scrubby but without a hint of scritch. Here are a couple of...
  13. edgerunner

    B&B community doesn't stop to amaze me!

    Thank you everyone for the support, good wishes, and the offers! Brucered and penmanship have sent me a huge box with shaving supplies which cover my needs for now. I just have to look for a couple of more razors on the BST. I'm going to use my new brush from Rudy tomorrow, and will post a few...
  14. edgerunner

    B&B community doesn't stop to amaze me!

    This July will always bring bad memories to me. As some members already know, I lost all my shaving related stuff and all my belongings in a fire accident recently. Yesterday, I went to the post office to collect my mail. Much to my surprise, there were a couple of unexpected packages waiting...
  15. edgerunner

    Simpson "Prince George" LE

    The following old joke from the '80s could help you understand: Russians painted the whole surface of the Moon in red. Americans waited for them to finish the job, and then wrote Coca Cola on it!