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  1. echophonic

    Some Ebay prices getting out of hand.

    My bad. I didn't know that any US model had that handle design. Still though, great find.
  2. echophonic

    Longer is not always better

    Good shot there! When I started I know I was dissapointed by the length of the HD (common guy problem in all aspects of life, huh?) but after using *just* the HD for a year, I can't use any of the long-handled models now. Let that be a message to men across the world! :lol:
  3. echophonic

    Some Ebay prices getting out of hand.

    On two opposite sides of the spectrum, Here's an insanely bid-up fatboy. Someone please enlighten me. And an insanely cheap British Aristocrat. Both of those just elude me.
  4. echophonic

    Savile Row 3824 vs 3124

    I'm pretty sure he'll be getting some in quite soon. I asked him for a special brush almost a month ago, and he said it would take about a month to get. My bet is that he is about to have a ton of stock on hand.
  5. echophonic

    Toggle differences?

    Yeah, hold onto that one and treat it nice. I've never seen that before. I'm definitely looking forward to what Mr. Razor Museum himself is going to input on this one.
  6. echophonic

    Classic Shaving Soap

    +1 on that. I think those are in my bottom 3 soaps I've ever tried. Do yourself a favor and stay away.
  7. echophonic

    Shaving Samples for Sale

    Just givin' Josh a bump. This deserves it. Bump.
  8. echophonic

    Going to give creams / soaps another try

    Hey Gareth, I'm gonna have to +3000 here on the QED. From your list, you have yet to try a glycerin soap, and QED's Sandalwood is about as slippery as I have ever seen anything, plus it's the best smelling sandalwood product out there. Creams are great, and are really easy to lather, but by God...
  9. echophonic

    Breakouts no more

    Interesting post. What about your T-zone though? If I were to stop washing my face I would break out all over my forehead and bridge of my nose and thereabouts. I'm not about to take the brush and start cleaning my forehead after a shave. How do you go about it?
  10. echophonic


    Yeah, the development machine just keps on marching through North Valley. I used to live up by Jolette and Sesnon... they always said they were going to complete Sesnon all the way to Porter Ranch, but they hadn't for like 20 years. Well, it looks like they finally got their asses in gear. Damn...
  11. echophonic


    G-House! You didn't happen to be seeing Rico, did you? He was on Balboa and Reseda. Had a good lookin' gal there too. But driving from Valencia to Granada Hills isn't hard at all... like 10 minutes on 5 to 118, no? Sometimes I wish I was back in Granada Hills.... it's been a long time since I've...
  12. echophonic

    Engagement ring questions

    Wow. I had one heck of a week and wasn't able to read or respond to this, but many many MANY thanks guys. This thread has definitely been favorited. I started educating myself about the diamonds themselves (yes, you guys have convinced me) and there's a wealth of info out there. It's strange...
  13. echophonic


    Sue, My soon-to-be-uncle-in-law has a lab that he just didn't really dig for a long time, mainly because she didn't do much but sit around all day and sleep, whereas his other labs that came before her were wild and had lots of fun tromping around in the mountains. Turns out she had a glandular...
  14. echophonic

    Engagement ring questions

    Soooooooo...... Yup, our 5th Year-A-Versary with my girlfriend is coming up and it's time. Last year she subscribed to Wedding's magazine and I keep finding her Tivo'ing wedding shows on HGTV (DAMN YOU NEWLY ACQUIRED CABLE TV!!!!) So I've got a couple guideline questions.... 1) Is the...
  15. echophonic

    Why melt soaps?

    Sue, Not that I'm looking to return any soap, but how do you feel about grating and then reforming the soap? In your eyes is this as destructive a process as melting?
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