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    Power tools.

    I have a few nice power tools: drills, impact wrench, reciprocating saw, hammer drill, grinder, sander. Most of my tools are Rockwell, Milwaukee, Skil, or DeWalt. Occasionally I've had a special project where I had to rent some tools. A noteworthy rental was a Makita 15 lb demolition hammer...
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    Favorite St James London scent?

    Yep I noticed that too.
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    Blackland Dart / Timor (1) Absolutely fantastic shave. But still not sure why these blades are so expensive.
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    Razor Blade Cleaning - A Question After 65+Years

    Yep. I clean the blade as you describe, except I use my thumbs. Every shave :out:
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    Show us your Military Unit patch/badge/seal

    U.S. Army 7th Infantry ”Lightfighters” 1991-1993 Ft. Ord, CA, and Ft. Lewis, WA
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    Spanish DE's?

    All these years and no one has mentioned Seygus?
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    Kai PINK: blade longevity?

    How many shaves do you get from Feather Pro/Super/Schick Prolines/etc? The pink technology/treatment is supposed to "increase the blade hardness by 70% compared to conventional products." What conventional products are they comparing to? I'm sure other brands do something similar.
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    never-stop-learning's Quest for Knowledge

    Interesting. I tried to replicate the drag out of curiosity. I never noticed this drag issue using Officiana Artigiana Milano Stay Traditional and slightly riding the cap or bar. I can only replicate it if I use a completely neutral angle AND/OR use a thick dense lather. I would categorize...
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    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Preshave: Proraso red Razor: Henson medium Blade: Gillette London Bridge #8 Brush: Vikings Blade White Knight Soap: Southern Witchcrafts Necromantic Aftershave: Southern Witchcrafts Necromantic 👍
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    2013 R41 vs. iKon Tech - Such a Tough Choice!

    I don't own the open comb version, but based solely on the website photos, those are completely different razors. The most significant difference is that the Tek doesn't have a usable safety bar (in my experience it doesn't touch your face, its too far back/underneath the blade edge). The open...
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    2013 R41 vs. iKon Tech - Such a Tough Choice!

    "SC Tech" is the Ikon ShaveCraft Tek. It does not resemble the Gillette Tech razor in any way.
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    never-stop-learning's Quest for Knowledge

    Drag? Can you please explain. I'm genuinely curious but have no idea what you're talking about. Thanks.
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    Kai PINK: blade longevity?

    Do the Kai Pink blades really have better longevity compared to the other Feather AC format blades? I have Feather AC Pro, super, and Schick Proline, and they are only lasting me 3-4 shaves. I'm interested in something with better longevity. Can anyone give me some numbers? Thanks.
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    How long do things last for you?

    I have 2 cargo pants that I bought 20 years ago. One I spilled paint on so I only wear them for dirty jobs. The other I wear on the weekends and sometimes after I get off work. Except for the paint, they are in good condition and don't really show any noticeable signs of wear. I had some Reef...
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