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  1. Earcutter

    India - Haircut & Shave

    I’m with you. It would be a heck of an experience, I’d love it. As for buddy - it was a cut and a shave, next. Lol. Man...
  2. Earcutter

    Not a Good Sign

    Shooting with no way to replenish ammo gets boring quickly.
  3. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    Well, there isn’t much more for me to say about this knife. I’m enamoured. It’s sleek, sharp and has a centreline that actually goes to the point. It’s pretty. What I’m learning though is this; I’ve always bought thin folders as a point of need because that way I can still access my pocket, but...
  4. Earcutter

    Is rose a masculine scent?

    A rose aftershave my man. They make em. But anything woody or dark compliments just fine.
  5. Earcutter

    A Day At The Range/Gun of the day

    I fire lap all my long guns. I swear by it.
  6. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    That’s a nice knife. And good on the manufacturer for fixing it. I can’t imagine it would be hard for them to do - compared to you or I lol. It would be interesting to know if they would do that for a regular customer though.
  7. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    I have a Kershaw machete that’s just a big slab oh of D2. I use a file to sharpen that thing. It’s great in the woods. I also have this Extrema Ratio. It’s got a metal very similar to D2. It’s an absolute bear to sharpen. Very hard to finesse that’s for sure!
  8. Earcutter

    Shapton 8k/12k hones (right ones?)

    Man, you’ve only just begun blowing money! But what a great start! Nice stones. Those will hold an edge for an eternity.
  9. Earcutter

    considering an open comb for the first time

    I’m not going to try and sell you on one particular razor because if I’ve discovered anything along the way, it’s that every razor reacts differently on each face. But! But I will say this, I haven’t bought a closed comb since my first open purchase. I find opens way more comfortable on my...
  10. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    Yeah, I wouldn’t want to pry anything with the Infidel that’s for sure. This is a 100% pure in & out or slicing tool. D2 is tough, but not that tough. Man that reminds me back in the day I was a bit rougher on my stuff - which is odd because I was also too poor to replace stuff lol. Anyway, I...
  11. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    The cold steel dagger is pretty cool. And yes, it’s a lot less expensive. Its certainly a viable option if you aren’t into brands, metals, and aren’t sure about what kind of utility you’re going to get from it. I thought about buying one, but I think Benchmade might be discontinuing the fixed...
  12. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    Thanks. It’s A little handle heavy. About an inch back which makes it great for handling, but probably kills any aspirations to be thrown.
  13. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    I can’t stop fondling it. I love the feel of it in my hand! I’m glad I got it!
  14. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    That’s pretty. According to tracking I’ll have my Infidel here pretty soon!
  15. Earcutter

    3:10 To Yuma

    What a tool. Oh look baby’s, lets go look. Isn’t that a violation of like the very first rule of hiking? I hope his girl rewarded him with a, “You’re an idiot.” and not a ”You’re my hero.”
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