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    Windows 10

    I just purchased a laptop with a free upgrade. As soon as I get home it should be downloaded. I'm excited to try it out.. I hate W8.
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    How many Newbies do not shave ATG/ Against The Grain and why?

    I don't shave to get close; I shave for comfort.
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    Eyebrow grooming.

    +1. Eyebrow gel, though?!?!
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    Newbie here

    Welcome! +1 to mapping your neck. I thought I had it right until after 3 months of shaving.. My hair grows like a W starting from the center. It saved me a lot of pain once I figured that out. Take a break for a couple days and run your hands around your neck to see what the direction the...
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    What is the Above Member's Avatar Thinking?

    "I don't know who's baby this is, bit I think I'll steal him and call him Jack."
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    I'm back!

    You guys make me laugh. It is nice to be across the country doing hours and hours of homework!
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    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    I just got 100 SP's. I couldn't decide on a favorite blade and people were noting that it is a pretty consistent shave. I almost got feathers, but didn't have the cash.
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    Greetings from another New Kid

    Yep, no pressure! When I started I found the less I thought about the shave the better. Analyze it after the shave to see what you could have done better, not during :)
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    Friday night fun

    Avoiding homework and finishing up Breaking Bad tonight. I had a fun night eating some NY pizza with a friend. :)
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    What soap to get!

    If you've got money, Tabac. Also, Proraso green is good to start. :) Welcome!
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    I'm back!

    Bad as snickerdoodles? Oh crap, I love snickerdoodles [emoji14]
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    Five Letter Word

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    CO Bigelow shaving cream

    I actually just pawned off to my friend because I am a bigger fan of soaps. The stuff smells and acts the same, though I feel like it is a little less mentholated.
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    I'm back!

    Hi all, Just wanted to check back in. I just went through a bas divorce and life was rough for a while! Anyway, I just made it out to NY for grad school. I'm ready to rejoin the community :) Thanks all, Brandon
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    Any Runners in the House?

    Sorry to hear about the injury, TimmyBoston! Just rest and do some yoga until you have time to heal; I wouldn't want you to further injure yourself! Jpakstis, the advice here is very good. Be willing to push yourself harder and burn out by the end of a run. I actually found that running a...
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