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  1. DustMite

    What's Your Go - To Pub Food ?

    Once in a while I get in the mood for a beer and an order of fried pickles.
  2. DustMite

    Romaine Lettuce: Nuke It 'Til It Glows?

    I, for one, welcome the opportunity to have the first lettuce nightlight in my neighborhood. I say irradiate away. lol
  3. DustMite

    Romaine Lettuce: Nuke It 'Til It Glows?

    I tend to think that the problem with lettuce and similar produce comes from the water source. The plants soak up the water, like all plants do. Well, what happens if the water is contaminated. The plant soaks up the contaminated water and is stored inside the plant. Now with other produce you...
  4. DustMite

    Beards, there are beards everywhere.

    As long as you're referring to it softening up the beard ;)
  5. DustMite

    Romaine Lettuce: Nuke It 'Til It Glows?

    Awww man, I was so looking forward to having a head of lettuce as a night light. Now you've gone and ruined my dream. Augh! :001_302:
  6. DustMite

    your favorite bath soap... looking for reccomendations

    I like Duke Cannon soaps. They are huge (10 oz), manly bars that lather easy and rinse off clean. The last quite a while and comes in a variety of scents including unscented. I have found it tractor supply, bed bath and beyond, target, amazon, and of course on their website. Link
  7. DustMite

    Doctor Who - Warning, Spoilers!

    I find myself watching old episodes of classic Dr Who more and more as this current season goes on. I'm finding little to get excited about with this current season so far.
  8. DustMite

    New car time. Do you buy new and plan on keeping them a long time?

    I kept my previous truck for 17 years. I bought a new truck in '14 simply because I needed a bigger truck. I went with a Toyota so I figure I'll have this truck for at least that long before it starts needing serious repair. ;)
  9. DustMite

    Whatcha buying Black Friday?

    It's about a 45 minute drive to town from where I live. I plan on staying home and away from all shopping during Thursday/Friday sales events. There hasn't been much in the way of special deals the past few years that would make me want to fight those kinds of crowds.
  10. DustMite

    Doctor Who - Warning, Spoilers!

    That's it. That's the show, was on the tip of my tongue. The whole episode felt like a rehashed Quantum Leap episode rather than a Doctor Who episode. I was expecting the Doctor chick to start talking to her sonic screwdriver and call it Ziggy at any moment. lol.
  11. DustMite

    heated shaves to a new level

    Better yet, just shave with the Ginsu. I mean, they're supposed to cut through anything and come back for more. Right? lol
  12. DustMite

    How many of us still use computers more than mobile devices?

    I much prefer looking at my 27" computer monitor over some 3-5 inch screen any day. :001_cool:
  13. DustMite

    How many of us still use computers more than mobile devices?

    Same here. I do not own a mobile phone. Along with both of those reactions you mentioned, I also get a lot of puzzled expressions and funny looks. It seems like most people cannot comprehend that there are some of us who make the conscious decision to not be tied to an electronic leash. Life is...
  14. DustMite

    What antivirus are you using?

    I typically install a free antivirus (360 safe) on all the extended family's and friend's computers. Since I started doing that, I don't get near the calls for assistance like I used to. The main one I use, 360 safe, doesn't nag like avast since it teamed up with avg and it's way, way better...
  15. DustMite

    Deodorant / Antiperspirant for Sensitive and Irritated pits???

    Might need to be careful about baking soda in deodorant. I know my pits get irritated and red from it.