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    How many Mama Bear soaps do you own?

    Haha! Thanks Robert! I love Mama Bear's soaps. Plus Sue is a real good friend. I can't really pinpoint any particular one to my favorite, but if I had to choose a top five or six, the list would be something like this: 1) Ye Olde Barbershoppe 2) Masculine Musk 3) Chypre Rose 4) Oatmeal...
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    How many Mama Bear soaps do you own?

    Dave, thanks for the plug! I have actually added about six more since I took this photo. DL
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    Cigar lighter- looking for suggestions

    I recommend Xikar. They have a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. Pretty hard to beat. I own four different Xikar lighters and have never had any problems with them. I had the opportunity to test the warranty however. I dropped my punch cutter and broke the blade. I sent it in and two weeks...
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    Little poll on travelling

    A shave stick and a Wee Scott will do the trick! DL
  5. Dustinl house brand

    Headcharge, The same holds true in wet-shaving as in cigars; your milage may vary. With that being said, I absolutely love the Cameroon Label. I think it's the green label. They are a great cigar for the price. Many times I have considered ordering a box of them. The sampler...
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    Song/Band tag

    Social Distortion- Angel's Wings
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    Basic Cuban Cigar Question

    Awesome!!! I hoped you would try a RASS! This is abosolutely my all-time favorite cigar. You know, the debate usually goes something like this; "habanOs aren't any better than Dominicans". Or this; "HabanOs are way over-rated". I have found out that these statements usually come from people...
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    List your top 5 Mama Bear's soaps -scentwise-

    1) Ye Olde Barbershoppe 2) Masculine Musk 3) Chypre Rose 4) Masonic Lodge 5) Sandalwood Vanilla DL
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    Investing noob

    Voomie, First and foremost, if you have any debt, pay that off before investing into the stock market. Chances are that your return from the market will not be as much as you are paying in interest in student loans, car loans, credit card debt, etc. Plain and simple. I love Jim Cramer but...
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    Area 51

    Interesting article! Thanks for sharing, Andrew! DL
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    Mama Bear collection update....

    Ron, Actually it is a Dirty Bird scuttle. I cold water shave now but have found that before I switched to only Mama Bear, any soap or cream would break down rather fast if the scuttle was HOT. The trick to keeping the cream or soap from breaking down is getting the water warm. I rarely use a...
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    Basic Cuban Cigar Question

    Keep in mind that all Customs officials have to do is SUSPECT that cigars being brought in to the US are of Cuban origin to confiscate them, hassle you, and potentially fine you. Bands or no bands. I highly recommend not bringing any cigars back with you. Doing so is just asking for trouble at...
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    Basic Cuban Cigar Question

    I'd also like to mention Ramon Allones, specifically the Specially Selected (robusto size). The RASS is by far the best habano I have smoked. Being that it seems to be relatively obscure in comparison to Monte Cristo and Cohibas, it is probably less likely to be counterfitted. Another...
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    What Are You Reading?

    What did you think? DL