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    FS Den thinning: Nice DE Razors and brushes

    What size is the Tulip?
  2. dushea

    Barbasol Floating Head***PIF***

    Hoo-boy, that’s unreal - I’m in! Super generous!!
  3. dushea

    Review of 70+ Soaps

    Great stuff, keep it comin!
  4. dushea

    Is Speick a premium shaving soap?

    Have you used other sticks with success before? Wondering if you may need to use more product. I prefer mine grated in a bowl, but either way, Speick punches well above its weight class and is up there with the best of them in my den.
  5. dushea

    B&M Patches

    I don't get any black pepper either out of the tub or during the shave, but I think what's accomplished by adding the black pepper is that it tones down what might otherwise be too sweet of a scent. Granted, this still smells like strawberries and will inherently be sweet, but it's not cloying IMHO.
  6. dushea

    B&M Patches

    Picked up a tub a couple weeks back, and it's exactly what you'd think it'd be: awesome B&M soap base, and a scent that smells like a strawberry patch. Not too sweet, not earthy, pretty dang well rounded. If you like strawberries and you like B&M soap, this thing is a winner.
  7. dushea

    I have been chosen... Razorock P160

    Also had the same reaction when I first tried it - Stirling Almond Creme has been a great replacement. No benzaldehyde, and no reaction for me. Hope you can find some almondy goodness soon, OP!
  8. dushea

    Above the Tie Copper Windsor!!!

    How’s everyone liking their Windsor? Been oddly quiet around this one.
  9. dushea

    How many shave brushes do you own?

    5 Total: M&F Jade 2XL: 28mm Blonde Bulb M&F Tiger 2XL: 28mm Finest Bulb M&F Ivory 2XL: 28mm Finest Hybrid Paladin/M&F Butterscotch Marble PK-47: 26mm Hybrid RazoRock 400: 24mm Plissoft Love me some M&F knots obviously, and only recently got the 400. Wasn't sure how much I was gonna like the...
  10. dushea

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Mr post man dropped off some goodies from IB! Lovin the weight and knurling of the barber pole handle, and the 400 is stellar in person. TBD on the knot, there may be a badger reknot in its future if the Plissoft backbone isn’t there.
  11. dushea

    Need a recommendation for a Grapefruit soap

    Leave the top of your TOBS cream open for awhile. It’ll harden up, and voila. Haven’t found anything as pure and punchy as TOBS grapefruit. If only it tasted as good as it smelled.
  12. dushea


    In order of frequency of usage: RR Mamba Mergress Fatboy Red Tip RR Rake RR Baby Smooth Birth-Quarter Black Beauty
  13. dushea

    Let's see your favorite shaving mug.

    Snagged a CRSW bowl way back when - I keep a chunk of my rotational soap in it, then lather up in a DB brush scuttle. Not sure it qualifies as a mug though...
  14. dushea

    10th anniversary B&B Boar Brush

    Fairly certain they’re Omega brushes, I may stand corrected though.
  15. dushea

    pre shave soap worth it?

    I usually just grab a small dollop of lather and massage it in before I start to face lather. I don’t find the pre-shave stuff to be particularly effective, to each their own, though.
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