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    Yardley Shaving Soap for Sale

    For sale are multiple bowls of vintage Yardley shaving soap. None have any scent (except the smell of the wooden bowl). All appear to be unused except #5, which looks like a brush has been swirled over the top a few times. The Yardley imprint is strong and visible in all except #5. The...
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    My sons bed project.

    That is awesome!
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    Best gliding soap

    I'm a big fan of Mike's Natural Soaps. I recommend the barbershop scent.
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    Cuffs will never look right if you try this yourself (unless you happen to be a tailor, in which case you wouldn't be posing the question here). Take them back to the tailor.
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    WHAT happened to your very 1st DE razor?

    Mine was a tech. I still have it.
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    Mike's Natural Soaps Orange, Cedarwood, and Black Pepper: First Impressions

    I tend to agree. I also have hard water, and have found that with hard water, I simply need to use more product. I could never get enough MWF on my brush when I used it as a puck. After I milled it into a shave stick, and applied more product, it worked like a dream.
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    Omg! Simpson!

    I accidently left one of my brushes (M&F blonde badger) soaking overnight in a 1:4 solution -- no harm done.
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