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    New James Bond-spoilers abound proceed with caution!

    Killing characters in movies doesn't mean anything. After Collin Firth had his brains blown out in Kingsman, he came back in the sequel wearing an eye patch. The movie You Only Live Twice started with Bond's assassination and funeral. Crank ended with Jason Statham falling 1000 freet from a...
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    Wyoming Nephrite Jade hone

    Both kinds (jadeite, nephrite) of jade are very tough. They are more difficult to polish than quartz is.
  3. DrStrange

    Mushroom hunting

    This has been a great year for every kind of mushroom that I like except meadow mushrooms. I still haven't seen any.
  4. DrStrange

    Of the Revolutions of Razor Blades

    They're great shavers!
  5. DrStrange

    gillette silver blue

    I like that they have a drop of adhesive (it's either wax or something like wax) which keeps them from moving inside of their paper wrapper, and for that reason, those are the ones that I pack in my travel kit which is subject to jostling. I don't like the idea that the cutting edge of my blade...
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    Bar Hand Soap for Shaving. Any Recommendations?

    If I'm limited to just using a plain bar of soap to shave with, then my favorite is Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter...
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    Bar Hand Soap for Shaving. Any Recommendations?

    I suppose that "too much" can fall within the parameters of "a lot". I add coconut oil to hand soap to make something that I like to shave with.
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    Gold Dollar (the ones marked 'Sharpened') edge crumbles away

    You got a counterfeit Gold Dollar...
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    Let's see your flower shots!

    Calathea roseopicta
  10. DrStrange

    A review of the Filarmonica Doble Temple 13

    The picture doesn't show anything remarkable. But, I do shave with a Fili and I do like it. If it's in good shape and if you're comfortable with the price and if you can get sharp, then I think you should shave with it. A second generation doble temple 13 in good shape, is a good enough of...
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    A review of the Filarmonica Doble Temple 13

    What you said it looks like, is what it is.
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    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    That soap container cover illustration is in the style of Art Frahm. And it's missing some celery. https://www.lileks.com/institute/frahm/ https://www.lileks.com/institute/frahm/art1.html
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    Lather consistency question

    I like the first one.
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    Mushroom hunting

    Read the part about how to use the field guide first...
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    Gillette Super Speed TV special

    I bought a gold plated 1940's style Supper speed from Back Roads Gold. It's perfect.
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