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Recent content by DracZ

  1. DracZ

    Going against the grain

    The exact same thought occurred to me also. My old routine used to be the usual prep followed by a single ATG pass with the Mach 3 and any required touch-ups afterwards. I only started getting into the whole multi-pass business with my foray into DE wetshaving. If one were to shave daily, would...
  2. DracZ

    Cleaning your DE blades?

    I doubt your hot water is at a sufficient temperature to make any permanent changes to the composition of the blade :) As you said, a hot water rinse will suffice. If you really feel like going the distance then dip it in some denatured alcohol or something along those lines afterwards then...
  3. DracZ

    funny public comments/wet shaving:)

    Interesting, the lil lady actually mentioned kabuki brushes after I showed her my badger brush collection, we even delved into the possibility of using those brushes with shaving - 5 minutes of google searching later and we quickly found out that was a pretty bad idea :laugh:
  4. DracZ

    funny public comments/wet shaving:)

    Nice collection :) What are those brushes in the lower right corner with the extremely white / black hairs?
  5. DracZ

    Shave Off Challenge

    Having equally great results with the Hoffritz Slant / Red Personna combo, have you experimented much with the slant and different blades?
  6. DracZ

    Custom Boar Brush*****Sold out *****

    Its not a deal breaker for me either, but I think people need to stop being so paranoid over a few comments. The picture shown is of a test engraving, so what if people give a few constructive comments? Its obvious that the logo isn't centered properly, it so bad if people simply point it out...
  7. DracZ

    Custom Boar Brush*****Sold out *****

    Sorry but I have to disagree. How exactly would taking a little extra time to properly center a logo take away from it's "handmade charm"? To me, the charm comes from the fact that it is able to be that perfect despite it being done completely by hand :001_smile
  8. DracZ

    Custom Boar Brush*****Sold out *****

    Its been about a month since the initial payment collection - any updates? Thanks
  9. DracZ

    How do you heal your skin after a bad shave?

    Aloe vera gel, very soothing after a bad shave. Also has the pleasant cooling sensation after being applied.
  10. DracZ

    Shavemac regular D01 vs. 2-band D01

    Rudy, I'm assuming that the shape of the knots are also similar? If so, how is the backbone and softness of the tips in comparison?
  11. DracZ

    My new shaving rack

    nice rack :ihih:
  12. DracZ

    Shave Off Challenge

    Not sure why no one has been commenting, but thanks for taking the time and effort to document all your findings, its been an interesting read :)
  13. DracZ

    Will a scuttle work with soap.

    Have you tried varying the the speed at which you mix? aka slightly slower more deliberate mixing as opposed to the rate one would attempt mixing eggs? If you haven't already, definitely worth giving it a try. I had the same problem, but slowing it down gave me far better control over the rate...
  14. DracZ

    Ouch -- Round two = painful

    No point skimping out on the product, a good tube of shaving cream is relatively inexpensive. Also I'd like to add Speick cream to the mix, very very easy to lather. Drubbing: With regards to water hardness, I actually did some research when I was starting out just to get an idea of how hard...
  15. DracZ

    Will a scuttle work with soap.

    That's strange, one would think the ridges would help the brush agitate the mixture. Have you tried other creams / soaps?
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