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Recent content by dpmtherrien

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    Lost my job today

    Hey, good luck brother. This may be a new door opening for you, all the best.
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    long time lurker newb

    Welcome to the group. Be sure to ask any questions that may come up. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here. :thumbup1:
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    Greetings from Savannah GA.

    Hello to you, and welcome to the site.
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    Hello, and Thanks.

    Hello to you, and welcome to the forums.
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    When did you start DE?

    After many years of disposable blade razors, I started about 10 years ago in my mid fifties.
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    Nifty for storing your used blades!

    I use an old one quart juice can for mine. Been using it for years. When its finally full I'll crush the top and put it in the recycle. I keep it under the bathroom sink, no one sees it and it serves the purpose.
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    New Blank Bank from Triggerman

    Very nice, I like. :thumbup1:
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    Another Noob

    Welcome to the site, enjoy your time here.
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    hello from south carolina

    Hello and welcome.
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    Perfect set-up

    Welcome to the site. Sounds like you're off to a good start. Be sure to ask for any help or advice,
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    New Guy

    Hello and welcome.
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    Hi - here's my first week with a DE

    Congrats, and welcome to you.
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    D.F.S. vs. B.B.S.

    I go for a DFS on every shave. If a BBS happens to present itself, so much the better, but really, the only one who knows you've got a BBS is going to be yourself. That being so, over shaving to try for the allusive BBS is not worth the effort and the resulting irritation, nicks, etc. etc...
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    Alum Block as deodorant - closes pores?

    I've been using the alum block as a deodorant for over 20 years. Its the best stuff going, never any odor at all, and at least on myself it seems to stop any wetness. :thumbup1:
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    Shooting instructor?

    Just a minute Kalib, I'll see if I can suck that obstruction out for you.
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