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    What's a Cheap and Easy Way to Harden Water?

    This is a website where there are 1500 threads debating the scent of Arko. Adding baking soda to a shaving mug barely reaches 3 on the 10 point crazy scale. 😋
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    What's a Cheap and Easy Way to Harden Water?

    I tried out a half tablespoon of baking soda with a about a cup of water. No effect that I could tell. Bubbles and lather everywhere. I'm going to try to up the dose. I was using Mogno, and it occurred to me that this is probably a poor choice, because many mass market soaps (Arko, Tabac, etc)...
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    What's a Cheap and Easy Way to Harden Water?

    I know you were joking, but this is actually an interesting idea. I seem to have less irritation when I do cold water shaving, but I noticed it only helps in the winter when the tap water temp is around 40 degrees F vs summer when it's 65 degrees F. I might try dropping a few ice cubes in my...
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    What's a Cheap and Easy Way to Harden Water?

    That's something I never would have thought of. I'll take a look on Amazon and see what they have.
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    What's a Cheap and Easy Way to Harden Water?

    This is an interesting idea. I'll give that a go tomorrow morning. It's certainly cheap and easy.
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    What's a Cheap and Easy Way to Harden Water?

    I've been experimenting with soaps/brushes/lathers for a few decades now, and the slickest, most protective lathers for me have been uber-hydrated and bubble-free to the point of translucence. Using my hand in lieu of a brush keeps bubbles to a minimum and gives me the slickest lather, but I...
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    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Yup. I'm a big fan of hand lathered Mogno. I like uber-hydrating the lather to the point of nearly dripping. With Mogno, I find it's not even necessary to add new soap from the bar between passes; I just add extra water to my left hand and lather up. I've done as many as 8 passes with Mogno with...
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    Getting a Haircut during this Crisis, Hmmm?

    I upgraded my homemade 3-way mirror by adding some LED lights. I bought a 15' string of self-adhesive LED lights at home depot for $15. The whole upgrade only took about 5 minutes. You peel the back, stick it on the mirror, plug it into the wall, and voila! What a difference! The 3 way mirror...
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    Face v Bowl Lathering

    I usually use shave sticks and face lather sans brush.
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    Damn Comfortable Shave

    I was going to ask the same question! If any razor is able to defenestrate the FOCS, I'd put my $1 on the Wolfman. Granted, I've never tried either razor, but it seems impossible that the same people who spawned the 1909 Roedter could come out on top in this saga. 😃 As Jim said though, it's...
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    Why do people lather with only "painting" strokes?

    8 passes is great for testing the performance of new soaps for a few days. My daily shave is 3 passes like most people.
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    Why do people lather with only "painting" strokes?

    "Traditional" shaving as it was done for thousands of years used bronze scrapers and/or tweezers. Straight razors as we know them are a relatively modern innovation. Personally, I'm perfectly happy with any razor that gives me an irritation free shave in 3 passes and 5 minutes. Everybody has...
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    Storage and edge retention

    I use Zerust brand but I'm sure any brand will do. Also, it doesn't matter whether the VCI tab or paper is touching the steel, but it does matter that the container is relatively airtight.
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    I Love the GC .68-P. Talk me Out of Buying a GC .84-P.

    I've been shaving with both for a few weeks now and they're both excellent razors. I find the .72 to be a bit more aggressive and maybe the slightest bit more efficient, but less comfortable. The Lupo .72 has double the blade exposure of the Lupo .95, but the Lupo .95 is more responsive to...
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    Why do people lather with only "painting" strokes?

    That's a good point. Thinner lather is much slicker, but the tradeoff is duration. The thicker the lather, the longer it lasts. The only purpose the air bubbles serve is slowing the dehydration of the thin film of lather directly on your skin. There is always a tradeoff between slickness and...
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