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  1. Doodi1

    Rockwell Model T is in!!

    I ordered two of the Gunmetal colors (one for me and and second for one of my brothers) back in May when they were still selling them for $99.00 each and i had a 10% off coupon which made it an even better deal. As I have read the whole thread, it seems like I will not be getting my razor until...
  2. Doodi1

    Rockwell Model T is in!!

    I am also waiting on my Model T in Gunmetal finish. I hope that they have worked out these issues before the other finishes debut.
  3. Doodi1


    Love Cella. It's on my list of top 5 favorites, along with MdC and Tabac. Just an amazing soap, easy to lather and very nice after shave feel. Smells like a treat also. What's there not to love!
  4. Doodi1

    Can you ever have too much butterscotch?

    Love me some butterscotch. Although some of these brushes have gone past butterscotch and well into the Amber color stages. All very lovely!
  5. Doodi1

    First Weeper with MDC

    MDC, my favorite soap by FAAAAR!
  6. Doodi1

    ~Pick ONE SOAP for the rest of your life~

    Easy one. Martin de Candre Fougere, or even the standard Lavender scent. It just excels. If I would go cheap cheap, then it would be Arko. Don't mind the smell and it just works.
  7. Doodi1

    Best brush cleaner?

    To remove soap buildup, the best is dilute vinegar 20%-30% (I use plain cheap white vinegar) with water. I add a bit of glycerine to it to help moisturize the hairs and let the brush soak for 5-10 minutes. Making sure that the level of the liquid is high enough to get into the knot where most of...
  8. Doodi1

    Semogue Owners Club Badger: Surprising

    Its a great brush. Probably my favorite Semogue.
  9. Doodi1

    Question about the Semogue Owners Club boar brush.

    Its a good brush, not a great one. I have had mine for 4 years now. It broke in nicely. I do both face lathering and bowl lathering with it, although i do agree it make an excellent bowl lathering brush. I'm not a huge Boar Brush fan even though I have six of them. I much prefer the Badger or...
  10. Doodi1

    Martin de Candre - The best soap ever?

    The original MdC scent is a mixture of wild Lavender and Rosemary. I get the strong Lavender scent out of it. It is a very natural scent (like real lavenders) not a synthetic additive. I like it equally as much as the Fougere. Unless you are allergic to lavender, you cannot go wrong with it.
  11. Doodi1

    When Rubberset stopped making shaving brushes

    Very interesting letter. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Doodi1

    Any Water Temp Restrictions on Synthetic Brushes?

    Exactly. Don't waste water or time soaking the synthetic brushes. Too hot and you will destroy your natural hair brushes. If you really enjoy a hot shave, use a scuttle or a brush scuttle.
  13. Doodi1

    Whipped Dog vs. Stirling

    I have both, and I like both. If I was forced to pick one, I would pick the Stirling. It's a bit bigger and a bit better for a face latherer like me. I'm looking to buy a 30 mm whipped dog synthetic when it's available again. The bigger Whipped Dog might become my new favorite.
  14. Doodi1

    La savonniere du moulin

    I bought this soap last month and have had about 6 shaves with it.It is a very nice soap. I highly recommend it.
  15. Doodi1

    How many shave brushes do you own?

    I have 26 brushes.19 Badgers, 4 Boars and 3 Synthetics. Use them all in my rotation.