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  1. Donprotech

    La Toja Aftershave

    Nope . I have gotten the same response.
  2. Donprotech

    La Toja Aftershave

    I have been trying to buy more La Toja aftershave for awhile not but all the online vendors I have tried have been sold out . Does anybody know if they stop making the stuff ?
  3. Donprotech

    My new hobby

    Welcome . The 34 C is a great razor and I still use it 3-4 times a week along with my 37 C and Merkur 1904 OC . If you like the Nivea balm try the Proraso White.
  4. Donprotech

    Best and worst aftershave purchase

    Best: Speick, La Toja Worst: Clubman , Aqua Velva
  5. Donprotech

    Drug Store Aftershaves

    Thanks everyone for the input
  6. Donprotech

    Drug Store Aftershaves

    So I went and bought AV Original Sport and Ice Blue. I think I will stick with Speick as I don't think they are for me. I will keep trying the AV for the next week or two but I can't see myself using them in my rotation.
  7. Donprotech

    Drug Store Aftershaves

    I agree Speick has to be my favourite for performance and price but I have only tried half a dozen or so splashes .
  8. Donprotech

    Drug Store Aftershaves

    I have been curious about AV . I may have to pick up a couple to try them out.
  9. Donprotech

    Drug Store Aftershaves

    I have been using Speick and TOBS aftershaves ( which I love) but I was wondering if any of the less expensive drug store/big box store aftershaves are any good for performance?
  10. Donprotech

    Welcome, @Donprotech

    Hello a couple of months ago I switched from the 5 blade/canned goo to DE/Brush/Cream and I haven't looked back.
  11. Donprotech

    What aftershave soap combination did you pick today?

    Taylor of Old Bond Eton College Speick AS