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  1. DonLafontaine

    2020 New models of electric shavers

    I was into wet shaving with a DE for many years and went down the route of getting Muhles, a Futur and the Gillette classics like the Superspeed, the Rocket and the adjustable Slim and Fatboy. As much as I liked the whole process and acquisition of new, cool DE razors, I have a tough beard and...
  2. DonLafontaine

    Tell your girlfriend to shave her face!

    This used to be an insult, but oh how the times have changed ... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1356703/A-close-shave-How-celebs-ditching-laser-hair-removal-threading-face-favour-razor.html
  3. DonLafontaine

    Nivea German Shaving Cream

    I started a thread about this cream a while ago and think it's fantastic. It's the cream I'm using presently and couldn't be happier. Great stuff.
  4. DonLafontaine

    Proper Pajamas

    Great lookin' pajamas TenorClef, I can just picture Noel sporting them on the lanai at Goldeneye in Jamaica, sharing a morning cup of coffee with Mr. Fleming, reading the daily.
  5. DonLafontaine

    Price as an Indicator of Wine Quality

    The New York Times Opinion Page has an article by one of the authors of Freakonomics in which he asserts, in essence, that one's perception of the quality of a wine is directly influenced by a knowledge of the price of that wine. He references a researcher on the subject and makes the following...
  6. DonLafontaine

    Are Face Scrubs, How do you Say ... Indispensable?

    Ah yes, Top Secret is a fantastic movie ...yes, that's how we say it ... in-dis-pen-sable ... haha
  7. DonLafontaine

    Are Face Scrubs, How do you Say ... Indispensable?

    Well Mark, that's just like your opinion, man. (ha) The Jack Black looks pretty good as well. I'm going to go with the Kiehls for a while (twice a week) and see how it goes. Thanks for the input.
  8. DonLafontaine

    Are Face Scrubs, How do you Say ... Indispensable?

    Thanks for the input. The Kiehls sounds much more abrasive and contains caffeine, which I kind of like. Anyway, the one I'm using is definitely not for everyday use and I'm liking it so far, so I will proceed down the path of becoming face scrub guy.
  9. DonLafontaine

    Are Face Scrubs, How do you Say ... Indispensable?

    I was using the Facial Fuel by Kiehls tonight and found the consistency to be intriguing. I was thinking of maybe using it twice a week. Are face scrubs ... how do you say? ... indispensable ...?
  10. DonLafontaine

    Art of Shaving at Union Square in San Francisco

    It seems like kind of a spendy location to do a holiday pop-up store, but you could be right. From a quick walk-by, it looked to be a pretty small store and maybe I'll check it soon during the next week or so. I agree that it is a good sign for wetshaving that there appears to be enough...
  11. DonLafontaine

    Art of Shaving at Union Square in San Francisco

    I noticed a new Art of Shaving just opened next to Macys on Union Square. They were handing out free samples, but I was in a hurry and didn't score one.
  12. DonLafontaine

    Forget About BBS For a Better Shave

    I have thought this on more than one occasion. I definitely do not get a BBS shave, but I am ecstatic that I'm getting the best shaves I ever have, consistently and for about 3 or 4 years running.
  13. DonLafontaine


    For the longest time, Dermalogica just made a shaving oil, but now it appears that they do, in fact, make a shaving cream and shaving gel. I've never used either one, but would be curious as to how they perform. Their stuff is relatively pricey, but I have always found it to be of good...
  14. DonLafontaine

    Exploring the Science of shaving (circa 1957)

    Great article, it lead me to another one about the addition of chrome to blades in a January 1970 issue of Popular Science. Good reading as well.
  15. DonLafontaine

    Schick and Gillette with their multi-blade systems have painted themselves into a cor

    A while ago, I speculated that either Gillette or Shick was going to return to a one-blade model as its flagship model based on the principle that a "new and revolutionary" development had taken place that has changed one-blade shaving forever. This would have to be phrased (and marketed) as a...
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