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I started wet shaving in 2011, using two of my Dad's old razors, Gillette Super Speeds (1948-1950 and 1965). I first bought a Burma Shave boar brush from the grocery store, but the bristles started falling out quickly and in great quantity, so I bought an Omega 31064 Boar and a Semogue 1305 Boar (which I gave to my brother). I'm still using that Omega, and last month I bought a Parker silver tip badger brush, so now I have a whopping three brushes (including the never-used Burma Shave).

I also have two Gillette adjustable razors. I looked them up and discovered one is the 195 Adjustable [Fatboy] (1960), which I think may be even better than the 1965 Super Speed, which had been my favorite razor over the last ten years. The other is a Slim adjustable razor (1967).

I gave Dad's old Gem Flying Wing single edge razor a try. It might find its way into rotation. Occasionally I shaved with a disposable blade straight razor that I got from my friend's late father. That's what I thought it was. When I finally looked closely, I saw that it was a Weck hair shaper. I never knew cutting hair with a straight razor was a thing.

My first personal acquisition is: two straight razors. Since I've used the Weck and have the general idea of shaving with a straight razor, I thought I would make the plunge and actually buy my own razors. 😄 I bought a restored vintage 5/8 Mappin and Webb (Sheffield) near wedge and a 5/8 Ralf Aust (Solingen) hollow ground. I thought I would try different grinds.

Soaps and creams I have used include Mitchell's Wool Fat (my first and my favorite), Kiss My Face (convenient pump until the bottle gets low), Cremo Creme (not bad), Williams (functional soap), and canned foam and gel (which are great if you have zero time to lather up).

Currently I have Proraso red and green, New Tabac (which I didn’t know was “new” until long after I had used it), Tabac tallow soap stick (which I bought to experience the real Tabac), and La Toja cream. I enjoy the smell of Proraso red and have discovered the scent lingers all day long in the bathroom. I was thoroughly unimpressed with New Tabac. Months later when I got the tallow Tabac, I felt gypped that my first Tabac purchase was not the tallow version. Tallow Tabac is excellent, most especially when followed up with Speick aftershave—best shave result in the world.

(I first joined B&B 10 years ago under the name RosaryMan, but was off for many years. The name clearly indicates I pray the rosary, but I also make them. My current name [Dominic] was chosen because I am a Lay Dominican. The Dominicans are officially called the Order of Preachers. It's a Catholic religious order of friars, sisters, nuns, and lay people founded by Saint Dominic 800 years ago.)
November 22


Happy feast day of St. Paul of the Cross (Oct. 20)



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