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  1. DoctorStrobe

    Car Battery Questions

    Actually, your battery voltage looks very low. 12.2 volts is a battery at 50% charge. You mentioned the charging voltage was 14.3 in OP so that looks good. I think something is draining the battery while it sits. Just for the heck of it, check to make sure there's noting that stays ON while...
  2. DoctorStrobe

    Vintage Avon find

    Avon Black Suede is one of my favorite scents. I recently bought a bottle of Stetson Aftershave just for the heck of it. It's extremely close to Black Suede. Maybe not quite as "deep" of a scent. I think the older Black Suede has oakmoss which is probably missing from modern blends... Stetson...
  3. DoctorStrobe

    Strangest Soap/Cream Scents

    I just got a sample of Chiseled Face - Sherlock. I haven't lathered it up yet but my initial impression is "Old Dank Musty Basement" It's supposed to have a dirt smell to it so... I think there's another Sherlock that's more of a leather, whiskey scent, which is what I thought this one was.
  4. DoctorStrobe

    Gillette Pure Shave Cream

    I found some at local grocery store. It was on sale for $5 so I figured I'd try it. I'll provide a contrasting review since I did not like it. It lathers up fine (I used a soft synthetic brush in a lathering bowl) but it's a very light foam. It reminds me of the old Colgate foam in a can which...
  5. DoctorStrobe

    Vintage 1953 Gillette y4 gold tone razor.

    I have a re-plated gold fat handle tech. I apply some paste wax to it when I change blades. I use SC Johnson paste wax. I'm sure it wears off after a few shaves but I figure it's like a sacrificial layer...
  6. DoctorStrobe

    DoctorStrobe's Shaving Soap Walkabout 2019

    Over the past few days I've been having a reaction to "something"... It has resulted in what I call "Lobster Face". Maybe it's sandalwood... I've been using Proraso Red. I'm going to be finding a mild shave soap/cream to stick with. Signing off now. END
  7. DoctorStrobe

    Anyone have a 2018 or similar Toyota RAV4 ? If so,how is it?

    I have a 2017 rav4 hybrid. The hybrid is actually faster than the gas model if that helps... It’s a great practical vehicle but it’s not a thrill ride by any means.
  8. DoctorStrobe

    DoctorStrobe's Shaving Soap Walkabout 2019

    Beard Map: I finally got around to doing a beard map diagram. I've memorized it already but figured it would be good to document it. Maybe I'll find out a few years from now that I was wrong about something... It's a bit complicated, like someone hit me in the face with a shovel...
  9. DoctorStrobe

    DoctorStrobe's Shaving Soap Walkabout 2019

    Yes, the Astra is just the right balance of sharpness and smoothness for me in the Tech razor. Great shave this morning on Astra SP, second use. The first use didn't feel as smooth. Maybe I'll look into the "corking" technique for the first blade use.
  10. DoctorStrobe

    DoctorStrobe's Shaving Soap Walkabout 2019

    Christmas Shave: I had received a soap shipment from Stirling Soaps yesterday and they were kind enough to include a free sample bar of a bath soap called "Christmas Eve". So I did a combo of this with some Derby unscented shave cream. Lathered up quite well, not the best for slickness but...
  11. DoctorStrobe

    Decant new after shaves in older bottles?

    I found this Avon seashell bottle that used to contain a bath oil. I mix my own AS splash into it using witch hazel, a few splashes of some vintage Avon AS and sometimes a bit of Thayer's Medicated witch hazel. It's a bit awkward to use but looks nice on the sink.
  12. DoctorStrobe

    Can Anyone Identify What This Old Razor Is?

    Is there any way to translate the text on the case? Oops, someone beat me to it...
  13. DoctorStrobe

    DoctorStrobe's Shaving Soap Walkabout 2019

    Blade Choices: I thought I had found "My Blade" until I tried a Gillette Silver Blue. The Astra SP was the sharpest and smoothest of the blades from a couple of sample sets. I had heard some discussion on the GSB in the blades sub forum so I figured I'd try it. A 5 pack came in with a soap...
  14. DoctorStrobe

    What's your 2019 new years resolution?

    Hi, I've got about 30 new soaps here and on order. Most are samples when possible. Some that I knew I'd like I bought full tubs, tubes, etc. That's the thing with using a new one a day - I'd have to wait a year to use it again. I suspect I'll go over the 52 number. Some of the samples probably...
  15. DoctorStrobe

    Poor Me, Frag Free

    You could get one of those essential oil diffusers and some good oils for the shave den. I've had one set up for a few weeks and it's much better than the standard glade, etc deodorizers which just smell synthetic and make me sneeze. The diffusers are basically an ultrasonic humidifier and it...