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Recent content by doctopus

  1. doctopus

    Futur clone Ming Shi 2000S

    Got mine today...great audio feedback & didn't have any problems with blade alignment...Shaves great, used an Indian Wilkinson with it. Very happy with the purchase. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  2. doctopus

    Futur clone Ming Shi 2000S

    It takes close to 30 days to get it delivered to Sydney, I'll post some pictures & review my first shave
  3. doctopus

    Futur clone Ming Shi 2000S

    Good day gents, I was browsing through Ali express & came across this razor. I know some of you have used the NT Vigour which is another Chinese Futur clone, but have any of you tried this one? I've ordered one just now & am curious to find out what to expect.
  4. doctopus

    Lord DE opinion

    I've been using the Lord L6 with a concord handle for the last year and a half. The concord is a tech clone & has a heavier handle than the Lord. I've been getting great results.
  5. doctopus

    mah Razor Blade Industries.Bangladesh.

    I went to Bangladesh a few months ago, picked up lots of shaving gear... & yes super max blades too. They even have a Gillette 7 o'clock line, called the 7 o'clock diamond, in green packaging.
  6. doctopus

    Is Wet Shaving Saving YOU Money?

    I started it to save money, and after the initial investment in just now starting to see the savings add up, I don't have to buy anything for shaving for the next 2 years & my total investment was around AU$100. That along with how much better my face feels is just a win-win for me
  7. doctopus

    Keeping track of shave number

    There's an app for that... If any of you guys use an an android phone go to the play Store and search for de shaving
  8. doctopus

    The great blade vote!

    Gillette yellows
  9. doctopus

    Fauldings Shave Cream

    This is my go to cream.... Absolutely top quality at a price that can't be beaten
  10. doctopus

    Voskhod vs Astra SP

    How does the rapira platinum lux compare to the astra?
  11. doctopus

    Shark attack!

    Shark ss are one of my regulars, best for small amounts of growth, but when I get a couple of days worth of growth I load up a Gillette yellow (which are my favorite).
  12. doctopus

    Rapira & Gillette

    If the first 3 shaves are on par with yellows, I suppose longevity could be sacrificed, they are less than half the price.
  13. doctopus

    Rapira & Gillette

    Yeah I really do love the Sharp Edge, so far nothing has given me a shave as good as those. There's also a lot of members here who swear the voskhods are great, but I guess nothing really will come close to the yellows.
  14. doctopus

    Rapira & Gillette

    I've heard good things about the platinum lux...any one tried them? How are they compared to the yellows?
  15. doctopus

    Rapira & Gillette

    Good day gentlemen, I'm a regular user of the Gillette yellow sharp edge, it's my favorite blade. Recently I've noticed that the rapira line are going for quite cheap. My question is which one of the rapiras are most like the Gillette yellows? Thanks in advance.
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