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  1. DMT

    Now here's a nice April fool gag

    That's just cruel
  2. DMT

    What aftershave soap combination did you pick today?

    TOBS Coconut followed up with L'Occitane Cedreat AS Balm
  3. DMT

    Excessive Scalp Sweating

    I have always had an issue with excessive sweating on my scalp. Now that my hair is thinning it's becoming more of a problem as large beads gather and run down my forehead and sides of my head, where as they would have been caught by my hair in the past. Does anyone have some suggestions for...
  4. DMT

    Shaving frequency and irritation

    There's something about night time shaving, for me it's become part of the pre-sleep ritual. Having a shower and shave really takes away all the stress and grime of the day and leaves me reeling relaxed.
  5. DMT

    Shaving frequency and irritation

    I'm in the same boat I could shave every day of the week, but by the weekend my skin would feel in bad shape and skipping the weekend might not necessary be enough recovery time. Instead skip a day mid-week and at the weekend. I also shave at night about an hour before bed as it ensures I don't...
  6. DMT

    Help! Merkur 34C not doing it for me.

    Two solid months of practice? I say give em a go. Just pay attention to your angle and technique as you do. The Polsilvers are also very sharp and worth a try too you might find them to be a bit smoother and longer lasting than the feathers too
  7. DMT

    Photo of the Day

    They're up near the top of the chain for a reason. I knew some species were very intelligent but it wasn't until my co-worker convinced me to join him bird watching that I realized how so. People don't give pigeons enough credit because they're used to the city birds, but I've seen country...
  8. DMT

    Do I need to shave against the grain?

    If you find that going against the grain causes you too much irritation avoid it. But if you still want an against the grain pass, you can cheat and do a nearly against the grain pass. Shave diagonally across the grain coming from the direction of the growth. You're shaving half against the...
  9. DMT

    Finding the right blade

    My neck hair does the same, and like yourself I find it difficult to get the angle and pressure right going east to west in that area. What I do for my with the grain stroke is shave diagonally moving half with the grain half across it, then follow up with a full across the grain pass.
  10. DMT

    Finding the right blade

    First and foremost - Welcome to the Forum and the wonderful world of traditional shaving! :) You're right to not swear off either Astras or the Feathers I have found both to be fantastic blades, the fault may lie in the technique as you've said. For example, I got a pack of Polsilvers in my...
  11. DMT

    How much shaving gear?

    I second that, when you go camping on a mountain trail you quickly learn what is essential and what is not. You might laugh but for me me a few extra pairs of good socks and jocks, baby wipes, salve and talc are all essential, sweaty feet and swamp-***/crotch can quickly ruin your day. I...
  12. DMT

    How much shaving gear?

    All I have would fit in a shoe box. I have two razors, a carton of persona blades, a brush, a shave mug (okay the lid might not close on the mug), two tubs of cream, shave cut gel, a bottle of AS Balm, a bottle of beard oil, and 2 colognes
  13. DMT

    Scents that remind you of your first steps in the hobby

    That's pretty much the same for me, when I bought my first shave kit I got a puck of MWF but I could not get it to lather well with the water I have in my area. After two weeks of trying all the tip and tricks I found online for lathering MWF I gave up and tried the free sample of TOBs sandal...
  14. DMT

    What Animal have you seen in the wild, that was a rarity for you ?

    For me it would be the common lizard. It's the only native reptile in my country but despite its name it isn't a very common site. I've only ever seen one of them in my life.
  15. DMT

    Photo of the Day

    I was wondering about that. The last two summers I've gone out with co-worker out to watch a Red Kite that was nesting and hunting wood pigeons near his house. If it caught the slightest movement of you lifting you binoculars it would veer off in the opposite direction.