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Recent content by DM.Aelis

  1. DM.Aelis

    Favorite Soaps/Creams to Use w/ Straight As Opposed to DE?

    Well, I've only got one soap to share experience with. DR Harris Arlington shave soap. I love it. The smell, the way it lathers, everything. It's not as good with my DE I have to say, but it still works. With my straight it absolutely sings. I couldn't want any more in a soap. Does...
  2. DM.Aelis

    Do You Shave Exclusively With Straights ONLY?

    Have to give a +1 to a lot of what has been said here. If I'm time crunched, DE it is. But I like to make time to enjoy straight shaving. It's worth it.
  3. DM.Aelis

    Straight in a Month

    Can't agree more! Today was my first DE shave in at least a month, needed a quick 5 minute DFS "get in and get out" shave. Strange, really. Felt like I was cheating myself out of a "real" shave! :smile:
  4. DM.Aelis

    New Razor has arrived (Harner)

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: :w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t: That might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, ever. When it comes to straights at least. I don't know what it is, but my friend that's a catch!
  5. DM.Aelis

    Luc shaving journal

    That's what it's all about!! :smile:
  6. DM.Aelis

    Luc shaving journal

    I have similar difficulties with the neck often. For me, I usually end up using the tip of the razor to detail the jawline area in an ATG/XTG fashion. But it's pretty close to the up/down you describe...with all that curvature, I have a hard time thinking of a different way to do it?:confused:
  7. DM.Aelis

    Recommend me a Golden Knot!

    You guys are great :smile: Thanks for your help!
  8. DM.Aelis

    Recommend me a Golden Knot!

    Alright gents, I'm looking to upgrade from my Omega Boar brush. Not really justified in doing so because it is already such a great brush; but I'd like to PIF to a friend who could do well with getting into wetshaving, and I'd love an excuse to get in on a nice badger brush. But I'm afraid...
  9. DM.Aelis

    So that's what shaving with a laser is like...

    Can't agree more! I'm right there with you, celebrating my new entrance to the wonderful world of straight shaving.
  10. DM.Aelis

    I did it...sort of

  11. DM.Aelis

    Stropping Yourself to Sleep

    I bet my strop is bigger than yours. :eek: I couldn't help it.
  12. DM.Aelis


    I guess I'm a little out of the ballpark because I just invested in a straight and strop (which are now my exclusive shavers) but prior to this I was running DR Harris soap (puck for $8 off BST) or Proraso shave cream, proraso A/S, simple Omega boar brush, and my Merkur Classic 33c with...
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