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  1. DK207

    Pairing aftershaves with MDC Fougere and Original

    I pair the fougere with Captains Choice land ho. And the original with Myrsol agua balsamica. Works for me.
  2. DK207

    Is alcohol really bad in shave products?

    I much prefer aftershaves with alcohol. Love that sting!
  3. DK207

    How many brand new, unused soaps?

    Trying not to have any. But I have a couple, MdC agrumes and AOS peppermint. I was hoarding some Fine pucks too but I sent those to some friends. Probably do the same with the two remaining unopened soaps. I (finally) realized with almost 60 soaps/creams on hand, I don't really need surplus...
  4. DK207

    Wolfman Question

    Mine both arrived in about a week or so after I paid.
  5. DK207

    Are shaving soaps really slicker than creams?

    Not sure as a general rule, but compared to all of my soaps, Crown shaving cream is about the slickest thing I have in my drawer.
  6. DK207

    How long to let a puck dry before closing the container?

    I leave mine open until that evening or the next morning then cap and put away.
  7. DK207

    FS Wolfman WR2, Timeless stainless razors

    Price drop on the Timeless. $275+ shipping.
  8. DK207

    $150 Budget suggestions

    I would suggest a used Paladin or one of their "barely seconds" offerings.
  9. DK207


    Small soap and splash score. Used to have the older version of the maggard soaps. Have to say the new formula is much better.
  10. DK207

    Karve E or F plate?

    E is not a huge step up from D. That said, it is noticeable. Still comfortable but for me has more blade feel and great for when I have several days of growth to deal with. I am satisfied with the E and don't think I will go for F or higher.
  11. DK207

    FS Wolfman WR2, Timeless stainless razors

    Thank you sir! Wolfman went quickly. Timeless still available.
  12. DK207

    FS Wolfman WR2, Timeless stainless razors

    Wolfman is sold. Timeless still available. And might add a CG level 2 stainless to the mix later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned!
  13. DK207

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    I like them both, the WR2 is a little smoother, but both are great. The WR1 and WR2 are both keepers for me.
  14. DK207

    Wolfman: On the waiting list. Questions.

    This man speaks the truth. The brushed matte is beautiful, but definitely a shiny/polished look and not really matte looking at all.
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