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  1. dfoulk

    Price creep?

    In some cases the formulas have improved as they've added some new ingredients. In these cases the price increases may be justified. Prices on ingredients have risen over the past year, possibly because of what is going in around us. Unfortunately when prices for some makers increase...
  2. dfoulk

    Opinions on Ethos?

    The EOS complex that Frank uses contains around 36 or 38 different ingredients. While I know some of what is in there I do not know every ingredient. I do know that many of these ingredients are pricey as are the higher end essential oils that are used. Not saying that any expensive...
  3. dfoulk

    Opinions on Ethos?

    This hasn't been my experience as I'd rank it above the soaps you've listed, but we all like different things. In terms of price I feel it's worth the asking price but again that's based on what I like in a soap. I know what the ingredients cost and it's not a cheap soap to make, so that's a...
  4. dfoulk

    What’s with Creed Aventus?

    Aventus is a really great scent. The problem is that there are some very, very good dupes of it that kinda take away my willingness to pay several hundred dollars for the original. I have tried the original and compared it side by side with some dupes. The original is slightly better but...
  5. dfoulk

    1st Time Buying Expensive Soaps: Buy Refills Only or with Jar

    Yeah, for me I'd rather skip the jars and use my own containers. I don't care for all different sized jars plus I get a bit OCD when it comes to that kind of thing. I like everything to stack nicely. Most soaps you can scoop out and put into another container. A hard soap, or even a triple...
  6. dfoulk

    Opinions on Ethos?

    This is a very good description. Post shave is definitely present but it's a very clean post shave. Not the feeling that your face is coated with a heavy layer of anything. No greasy muddy feeling that you sometimes get with some soaps that depend solely on heavy butters for post shave...
  7. dfoulk

    Wolfman prices

    It seems like the mirror finish ones were selling in the $500 to $600 range but somehow the basic finish ones are selling for $500 now, even though they are much less expensive to purchase. Not sure if people are purchasing the high polish ones since the price increase, but people are willing...
  8. dfoulk

    Opinions on Ethos?

    It is what I'd consider to be a truly outstanding soap and the scents are exceptional. We're talking upper end of tier 1 and solidly in my top three. I'm extremely particular so I've narrowed it down to using soap that I make myself or Ethos. It does cost a bit more than most soaps but it's...
  9. dfoulk

    Decent cordless clippers?

    You can buy blades and guards for your current clipper on Amazon. Given your budget that's likely what I would do. I mean you've dealt with the cord for the past 20 years so why not a bit longer. I'd deal with the inconvenience of the cord for the additional power and higher quality. The...
  10. dfoulk

    Is this rust? (Photos)

    I would look at the edge with a jeweler's loupe and see what it looks like. If the edge is good then I'd use them, if not then pitch them in the trash. If you don't want to bother then just pitch them as it's not worth the risk. Not saying that you are responsible here, but more of a...
  11. dfoulk

    Fili vs Iwasaki

    Iwasaki is a bit more scarce and harder to find. Both Fili and Iwasaki are exceptional and about as good as it gets. In the spirit of this forum my recommendation would be to get both.
  12. dfoulk

    Simpsons shaving brushes, are they really worth it.??

    Simpson makes a pretty decent brush, but there are better brushes available for more, equal or even less money if you know where to look. I've owned some Simpson brushes in the past but I no longer own them as I prefer others. If you're looking to drop a bunch of cash on a Simpson brush, do...
  13. dfoulk

    Random soap PIF - almost free

    I'm going to send out a few more of these, so I may reach out to some that have already posted in the thread, but everyone that already sent me money for shipping via Paypal had boxes of soap sent their way yesterday.
  14. dfoulk

    Random soap PIF - almost free

    Ok guys, my apologies as I've been a bit slow with this. My intention was to get some boxes out this past weekend but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. We're in the process of moving and that's what's taking the majority of my free time. I do need to get these boxes out soon so please...
  15. dfoulk

    Brrr. How cold is it where you are?

    It's 61 degrees here now. I'm in Arizona.
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