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    What Was Your Cream Today?

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    Pinaud Clubman Shave Cream and Shave Lather

    Careful , once you go down the clubman rabbit hole there's no going back !
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    Barbasol 1919

    Any one use this as a pre shave ?
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    Any one like harrys razors ?

    I have never tried the DSC carts , how do they compare ?
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    Any one like harrys razors ?

    THAT IS ironic I use the bic 3 , 4 , and 5 blade carts and find them very close in comparison to Gillette cartridges. Like the saying goes YMMV .
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    Pre de Provence No.63

    I have the soap , cream, balm , and cologne all are top notch and smell great !
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    Any one like harrys razors ?

    Any harrys users here ? How does it compare with say mach 3 or Gillette carts ? I understand that there is a newer generation of cartridges how do they compare to the older generation not sure but I bought some recently at Walmart on closeout so I'm not sure if I got the newer style blades...
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    Citrus splash?

    4711 Dr harris Arlington Pinaud citrus musk
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    The Ammo Shortage

    I'm an 07/02 FFL /SOT and I can tell you there is almost NOTHING out there in the supply lines . What is out there is going to the big retailers like cabelas, and buds and the other huge shops. Little guys like me ain't getting NOTHING ! Also , the wholesale cost on ammo has gone up bigly...
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    New Favorite...Rockwell 6C!

    The 6s is what the cool kids use !
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    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    Looks like maggards customer service sucks . Note to self , don't order from maggards .
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    Gillette razor ID - WWII bakelite?

    Bakelite was an early plastic more like a resin reinforced with a fiber material. If you want to see real bakelite look up ( Russian ak47 bakelite magazines . Zoom in on the material and you can see the fiber reinforced resin .
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    Gillette razor ID - WWII bakelite?

    People use the word bakelite around here way to much .
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    Lea shaving creams - How is it?

    I totally disagree , tabac shave cream sucks tabac soap is great. Lea creams are very good , better then Turkish creams for only a few penny's more .
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