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Recent content by Derty

  1. Derty

    Sample PIF - QCS and Mikes

    Im in please... Thank you...
  2. Derty

    PIF: 2013 Super Bowl PIF

    Wow... Baltimore please....
  3. Derty

    Small Sample PIF!

    Thank you... I cannot wait to try the new items.
  4. Derty

    Small Sample PIF!

    Im in... Really want to try this! thanks for the opportunity...
  5. Derty


    Very Very Nice...
  6. Derty

    Looking for a great smelling and performing Vetiver soap.

    Mikes is a favorite soap of mine but I don't see a Vetiver on his website.
  7. Derty

    Looking for a great smelling and performing Vetiver soap.

    I had a sample of CRS Vetiver cream and loved the scent but wasn't really excited about the performance. I really want a nice tallow Vetiver soap and was hoping to get some recommendations from you guys.
  8. Derty

    I've settled on a blade PIF CONUS

    I am in... I badly need to try new blades and I havent tried many of those... Thanks
  9. Derty

    My Duke 3 needs a companion.

    Just received a Rooney Stubby 1XL today is it a "WOW" brush for sure. It will be hard now to get brushes that compare to the feel of my Rooney.
  10. Derty

    Giving My Simpsons Special in Best A Rest. Please Help Me Choose My Next Brush

    Look into the Simpson Rover... The best on that brush is really special...
  11. Derty

    Simpson Keyhole K1 Versus Commodore X1?

    I had a X1 and it was a nice face lathering little brush. The knot had a great hybrid shape and the density was actually pretty good. Really the big question is if you think the handle feels good in your hand.
  12. Derty

    Does my Rover have a Issue?

    I am the 2nd owner of my Simpson Rover. When I first got the brush it lost probably 20+ hairs on the first 2 uses. Since then its calmed down to 1-4 hairs per use. I have noticed that the hairs it is losing are pretty long and what appears to me aren't breaking but coming loose from the knot. I...
  13. Derty

    New Year's PIF: Comoy's Super Badger Brush

    Happy New Year and Congratulations...
  14. Derty

    A question about density and the different Simpson Chubby 1 hair grades.

    I recently purchased a Simpson Chubby 1 and have used it everyday over the last week. I'm pretty familiar with Simpsons Best hair as I've had a quite few Simpsons over the last few years. I find the size of the Chubby 1 to fit me well and love the density or the knot. I really like the way the...
  15. Derty

    Time for a PIF

    Im in please...
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