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Recent content by Deltaboy

  1. Deltaboy

    Sling bows ?

    Google CHIEF AJ and YouTube, Dave Canterbury uses one
  2. Deltaboy

    What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

    Community Breakfast Blend
  3. Deltaboy

    Do beard waxes or oils actually work?

    I love Cremo and Clubman!
  4. Deltaboy

    The Vintage Gillette Aristocrat

    That the one I have from my Grandpa!
  5. Deltaboy

    Oily face? . what i found out when i started wet shaving

    I forgot to say I started using Noxzema as a morning face wash!
  6. Deltaboy

    The SCORE! Post your acquisitions here

    Picked up a JM 336 Marlin 30/30 yesterday for 400 bucks. At my LGS!
  7. Deltaboy

    Wives capturing shave goods

    My wife never had any interest in my shaving stuff , I just keep her stocked with Bic Metal 2 blade razors!
  8. Deltaboy

    Birth-DE Restoration

    Scrubbing bubbles will disinfect them , I do it then give it a rubbing alcohol dunk!
  9. Deltaboy

    Stranded on an island...

    Prince Albert the Working Mans Tobacco!
  10. Deltaboy

    Body Soap of the Day

    Triple milled Peppermint and eucalyptus from Italy!
  11. Deltaboy

    Why do certain blade brands give me nicks?

    Get a Schick Krona Razor it tamed even the mighty Feather blades and gives great shaves with everything I tried.
  12. Deltaboy

    Family Dollar DE Blades

    I grab them ones from Israel from time to time last time I found them 10 blades for 50 cents!