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  1. delisle

    I think I'm done with badger for a while.

    I have been using the same Omega Boar brush for the last 3 years and I love it
  2. delisle

    Good deal for C.O. Bigelow Online

    I have literally tried every soap and cream over the last two years. I am now back on and staying with the bigelow.
  3. delisle

    Looking for a "Fresh Scent" aftershave splash

    Proraso A/S, i live were it is warm most of all the months of the year.
  4. delisle

    Arko Price Gouging!

    Yea even at 19.99 I still ordered more
  5. delisle


    I love the scent and performance. I generally shave early in the morning so no chance for the wife to even know what it smells like. I use Arko 7 days a week with a little cream to occasionally uber lather. I have also been known to use some M bomb with it to give a really great menthol kick.
  6. delisle


    Buy the case! If you don't like it you can always put it up for sale here. It is one of the best values in traditional wetshaving.
  7. delisle

    Pinaud clubman more for summer or winter?

    I use Skin Bracer more when it is warm, it seems a little better fit. I relegate my Clubman to the weekends during warmer months.
  8. delisle

    Didn't want to like Arko...

    Arko compared to Tabac stank? To me Arko is hands a much more manly scent over Tabac, which is more flowery scent to me. Value, performance, and manly stank. Over all Arko is the winner IMHO.
  9. delisle

    Do you use a shave stick?

    I use sticks daily coupled with a little cream for daily uber lather.
  10. delisle

    PALMIRA serbian dud

    I have tried the stick and it is still a dud, I think this soaps sellin point is strictly novelty not usefulness. I was really hoping it would work for you but your experience is the same as mine. Oh well, looks like the cheap tallow winner is Arko.
  11. delisle

    Didn't want to like Arko...

    I have been using Arko for 3 months almost exclusively, I have literally tried them all and landed on Arko. Now I am going to order Duru Classic to complete the full Turkish experience.
  12. delisle

    still searching for pipe tobacco shave soap scent

    Prairie Creations has Gentleman's Pipe scent.
  13. delisle

    Boars-Omega Style

    My trusty 10049, so nice
  14. delisle

    Today's Arko adventure!

  15. delisle

    Today's Arko adventure!

    That is how I use it every single day. You will enjoy, if not I will take it off your hands