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Recent content by DE_Dude

  1. DE_Dude

    What pocket knife do you carry?

    Yeah! I love my #6 in walnut. I'm around non-knife people regularly, and the classy little Opinel has never gotten a bad look from anyone.
  2. DE_Dude

    Proraso dethroned! The new king of creams is Nivea! Wow, this stuff is slick!

    I had trouble getting a lather that didn't flake everywhere. Maybe it was the water I used? I prefer Palmolive cream. But Nivea was pretty good, even with flakiness!
  3. DE_Dude

    My iron just broke. Any recommendations for a new one?

    My first instinct was to get on Amazon and see what the cheapest iron was that I could get away with, but I don't want another one that will break in a year. Any suggestions?
  4. DE_Dude

    Injector PIF

    Nice to see so much interest in the injector! The random.org number generator has selected duki92!!!
  5. DE_Dude

    Injector PIF

    Up for grabs in a user grade Schick Injector, Type E. This thing just plows through beard. In fact, it's a little too much on the aggressive side for me, so I'm letting it go. Open to anyone who has never tried either an injector, or a Type E. If you want in, just say so! Winner will be drawn...
  6. DE_Dude

    New Improved Version of Ri Mei/Sodial Razor

    Can anyone compare the quality/performance of this razor to the Lord razor?
  7. DE_Dude

    What pocket knife do you carry?

    I worked a retail gig earlier this year that involved opening big boxes regularly, and the Ambitious was my work knife. Big enough to chop through anything I needed (including apples at lunch) and small enough to not scare off customers. The price was right, too. I love that knife!
  8. DE_Dude

    Is there a good Menthol Balm out there?

    I love mixing 444 with splashes. Old Spice Whitewater and Adidas Dynamic Pulse were two off the shelf aftershaves that became much, much better with a little 444. Clubman, on the other hand, was kinda weird with the menthol.
  9. DE_Dude

    Legal advice for small claims court? Here's my situation.

    Thanks for the responses so far, guys. While I know B&B isn't the best place for legal advice, some of the posts so far have already given me an idea of what I'm getting myself into. It's easy to get biased and emotional about it, so I welcome the perspectives of others.
  10. DE_Dude

    Legal advice for small claims court? Here's my situation.

    Hi B&B, I worked as a tutor for a small business that provides after-school lessons. I taught and created lesson plans, they provided the teaching space, took payment, and gave me a cut of the lesson fees, paying me as a contractor. When I left two months ago, after giving them two weeks...
  11. DE_Dude

    NIVEA Weekend

    Fantastic pictures, Winblows!!
  12. DE_Dude

    Giving Palmolive a try

    Palmolive was one of the first creams I tried, and it's still my favorite. Here's a SOTD I took with it:
  13. DE_Dude

    Recommend me a vetiver for around $50-75

    +4! When it's time go to out and I want something a little smokier and dirtier than TF Grey, I pick this one. I used to love Malizia Vetyver for the same reason until I ran out.
  14. DE_Dude

    I'm done with Hanes undershirts

    I'm gonna have to go against the grain here...after cycling through a few different designer brands from TJ Maxx (Sean John, G Unit, Body Glove), a friend gave me a new Hanes v-neck undershirt a few months ago. It fit me way better than the others (Sean John was ridiculously defective in terms...
  15. DE_Dude

    Marijuana legal for recreational use in Colorado/Washington

    Who says weed isn't dangerous? Look what happened this this guy!! :001_tt2:
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