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Recent content by DE-Noob-at-39

  1. DE-Noob-at-39

    My dermatologist is recommending.Canned Goo

    I go to a dermatologist annually for mole checks. I think yours just gave you a bunch of BS. Mine has been trying to figure out why I have rosacia and dry skin on my face for nearly five years. i just went to the eye doc for a major stye and he knew more about what was causing my skin...
  2. DE-Noob-at-39

    The Pawn Stars Rick Harrison advertises One Razor by Micro Touch on TV

    Just saw a banner ad for the MTO right here on B&B.
  3. DE-Noob-at-39

    P&G to build $100M Gillette factory

    I can think of a few places right here in the USA that could have used a factory like that to boost it's economy.
  4. DE-Noob-at-39

    DE shaving on the cheap?

    For cheap start you can get locally at say cvs a vdh premium shave set and a tube of co bigelow from bath and body works. If there is a sallys beauty nearby he could get extra blades there or even purhase a new shaving factory tto razor.
  5. DE-Noob-at-39

    why use a DE vs modern?

    It's way more fun and feels less like a chore you want to avoid like taking out the trash. In the three months since I started using a brush, bowl, and co bigelow cream I went from last-minute shaving before work to spending 15-30 minutes having a blast making lather and applying it to my face...
  6. DE-Noob-at-39

    Dorco Prime starter DE razor?

    Further down the listing is a box of 1,000 dorco 301 blades for $55 bucks.. I guess for Dorco fans thats a really good deal.
  7. DE-Noob-at-39

    Grocery Store Find

    I got that shave set as an xmas gift. I haven't had the chance to try the soap yet so I can't comment on that aspect. It's really only good as a starter set for a noob or an 'impulse buy' gift for an elderly gentleman. Way overpriced for what you get. After three months I'm already planning...
  8. DE-Noob-at-39

    tech conundrum

    I need some advice on a couple gillette tech razors I am interested in. One is a 1975 travel tech (would be my birth razor) and the other is a 1940's gold ball end tech. The gold color of the regular tech is appealing. I'm not sure if the travel tech comes in gold or not. I was wondering if...
  9. DE-Noob-at-39

    Birth Razors

    I'd like this thread to hopefully become an intellectual discussion of birth razors all around. I find it fascinating the lengths members go through to get them and why. Like many of you I'm in the process of trying to get a birth razor. Unfortunately, I'm not a RAD sufferer and only have...
  10. DE-Noob-at-39

    Merkur Vision 2000

    I'd like to own one only because my first razor was a TTO. Even thought it probably shaves like crap in comparison to my SS it's still uber cool looking and really brings the double edge blade into the 21st century.
  11. DE-Noob-at-39

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    Derby Extra. It was the first blade in a ten pack. This was the third day I shaved with it. I think I started shaving with it about a week ago. It was my first DE blade. I'm kinda disappointed it only lasted through two good shaves. This third one was such a crappy shave I actually...
  12. DE-Noob-at-39

    What razor/blade did you use today

    1966 L2 SS and a Derby Extra blade. It was my first DE shave!
  13. DE-Noob-at-39

    my first DE shave!

    Good News! I finally broke down this morning and shaved for the first time the 1966 L2 gillette superspeed my uncle gave me and a derby 'extra' blade, in addition to my usual bigelow cream and boar brush. after multiple passes my face looked good. although i did catch myself doing the jawline...
  14. DE-Noob-at-39

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Since Christmas I have been using a cheap VDH boar brush that came in a $25 set with a cheap plastic stand and a black Liquid Logic apothecary mug.
  15. DE-Noob-at-39

    Need help lathering with C.O. Bigelow

    Ok i tried again. This time with a wet boar brush and two to three almonds worth of a squirt onto the brush. I found the faster and harder i wisked the brush in the bowl the better the lather came out. It was really white and fluffy in the bowl and on the brush but still looked thin and crappy...
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