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Recent content by ddown

  1. ddown

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Everything bagel fried egg, bacon, Cheese HMM!!
  2. ddown

    Favorite Big Name & Artisan Soap

    Tabac Mike's to bad he's not making but I have a stash
  3. ddown

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Simpson Berkely 46 Best
  4. ddown

    FS RV CH3 Finest

    Wall of Badger
  5. ddown

    What kind of brisket is this?

    looks like sweet glaze with sunlight glistening on it.
  6. ddown

    What's your soap for today?

    TABAC of course
  7. ddown

    Tabactober 2019

    SOTD Tabac rocks it again
  8. ddown

    Issue with WCS silvertip brush

    not sure how three posts happened ? Sorted for you :thumbup:
  9. ddown

    Issue with WCS silvertip brush

    I got one from WCS on Friday It's a lather maker, Mounds of thick yogurt from 3 different soaps I tried during the day. Yesterday I did a head shave with Arko and had so much lather it was amazing. Totally satisfied. from pics it looks like 2 much pressure mine never loses it's bulb shape.
  10. ddown

    What's your soap for today?

    Klar Kabinette vintage stuff
  11. ddown

    Rapira Platinum Lux

    Just added these to my stash of Persona blues and Feathers I find a smooth, comfortable shave I only use blades for three shaves. 8.99 for 100 was a good deal.
  12. ddown

    Tabactober 2019

    I'm so in: the Best Soap!!
  13. ddown

    Which Bay Rum is most Piratey?

    I have to give a vote to Kramperts Great skin feel and Scent!!
  14. ddown

    FS Assorted Stuff - Brushes, Razors

    Moderators please close thread- Thanks
  15. ddown

    FS Assorted Stuff - Brushes, Razors

    Everything gone but Ikon SBS