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    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Fantastic looking brush. The good old birthday excuse to buy yourself something nice. I've been busy buying new items as well and I think I'll use the birthday excuse too(next week) to make me feel better about them. Happy Birthday and enjoy the new brush! 😊
  2. Dcshaves

    Lets see your creative ideas!

    Evening all, Like most men, I enjoy a cold beer especially after a warm summers day. My favourite beer is one called Birra Moretti from Italy (those Italians make great beer as well as shaving products yano!) Whilst enjoying a can with dinner tonight I thought to myself its a sin to throw...
  3. Dcshaves

    New custom Shavemac brush :-)

    Nice brush. Enjoy! 😁
  4. Dcshaves

    Simpson's Luxury Shave creams

    After reading this thread and feeling rather disappointed that I'm only starting out in the wet shaving world and will never get to try the discontinued simpsons luxury cream, I managed to find a tin online (UK seller) and quickly snapped it up. I believe its unscented or their original cream...
  5. Dcshaves

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    £3 bargain at my local Tescos. Never used it before but seen plenty of people on here use it and give it good reviews. It's up for tonights shave.
  6. Dcshaves

    A pair of shaving brushes

    Good effort, nice brushes 👏
  7. Dcshaves

    Clubman owners/lovers - how many varieties are in your den right now?

    Very first aftershave splash I purchased and the only Clubman I have is the original. First time I used it I thought it was too musky/old fashioned for me but the more I use it the more I enjoy it. Other varities will no doubt be tested down the line.
  8. Dcshaves

    What shave equipment did you buy today

    Im new to wet shaving and found myself not buying a new soap or a razor but shopping for a cabinet/shelving to go in the bathroom to hold the impending large quantities of soaps/razors/aftershaves and everything else that comes with wet shaving that I know I'm going to be suckered into buying...
  9. Dcshaves

    What Got You Started?

    Oddly, the Coronavirus epidemic is the sole reason for me beginning wet shaving. Alot of time at home and a small bit of extra income that wasnt needed on daily bills led to me trying out a new DE razor and a single soap to see if I would like it. That small bit of extra income could quickly...
  10. Dcshaves

    Best soft cream you’ve tried?

    Got a tub of this for Fathers day. The smell is absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to use it!
  11. Dcshaves

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    I think my wife has realised my new found interest in wet shaving makes it easy to buy gifts. Our 5th wedding anniversary (wood) today and I got this 😁
  12. Dcshaves

    Simpsons Chubby 2 Synthetic soon or Chubby 2 best badger later?

    On a follow up to this thread. I'm shocked that Simpsons charge nearly £8 for delivery to Northern Ireland from the Isle of Man for a £130 brush. Really!🤔
  13. Dcshaves

    Thinking of Giving Boar Another Try

    The only brush I own is a boar so I'm in the opposite camp to you (wanting to try a badger) however this is great IMO. Use it daily with no issues although there isnt much backbone in it for me. Definitely works better for a painting motion on the face rather than face lathering. I give it a...
  14. Dcshaves

    Hello From Malaysia

    Welcome to B&B Mark. Im also new to wet shaving and use a 34c. For what its worth (very little knowledge of wet shaving) the Merkur is a fantastic razor. I use a feather blade, only get about 3 shaves out of it but this set up gibes a great shave. I done a bit of digging before taking the...
  15. Dcshaves

    Old Spice Shaving Mug

    Seems to be a common thing, the red plastic lids breaking and going missing so theres a market there!
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