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    brushes so far

    Now, I'm not a huge fan of wooden brush handles, but those are absolutely stunning!

    Collecting and Regret

    Yep, $100 of steak taste a heck of a lot better than $100 of toilet paper! Just jesting, I think most of us has gone through this at least once in their life. My worst experience with this was when my cats got fleas. By the time I finally decided to shell out the money for the most expensive...

    Collecting and Regret

    While not a collection in itself, it could have been part of one. I drank a bottle of Wild Turkey that was age 10 years that, if I still had it unopened, could get me a round trip ticket to Hawaii during high season. It's been sixteen years since I finished off that bottle and I wish I could...

    Gifted a bottle of Japanese whiskey

    Thank you gentlemen. I did manage to find information on its flavor profile, but now can't find the bookmarked page. It does indeed sound like it's a very smooth and light flavored whiskey. Now, I also came across an identical bottle to what I have for sale, and I was was a bit shocked by the...

    Gifted a bottle of Japanese whiskey

    So, my father-in-law gave me this bottle of Japanese whiskey yesterday and know nothing about it. I enjoy whiskey once in a while, so it won't be wasted on me, but was wondering if anyone here has ever tried it and what their thoughts are about it. Nikka Single Malt Whiskey 10 years old.

    Daughter Got Into My Blades!

    Before becoming a father I was told stories about the scary silence that nearly every parent experience with little ones. When my daughter was about two I learned what first hand what that scary silence was all about. She painted our bathroom with my wife's expensive makeup. What a mess. As long...

    The WORST Cologne You've Owned / Smelled?

    I have no idea what it's called anymore, but there's a fragrance that seemed more popular in the late 90s and early 2000s that reminded me of the smell of Budweiser beer. I'm not entirely sure if was ment for men or women, but I absolutely hated the smell.

    Daughter Got Into My Blades!

    Two words, magnetic locks, the same used in many doctors offices to keep patients out of the cabinets. Requires a magnetic key to disengage the mechanism to open the cabinet. They were the only child safety locks that keep my daughter out of cabinets in the kitchen and under all sinks when she...

    Marvel or DC?....Go.

    l like characters from both. Batman from DC and Deadpool from Marvel.
  10. DCRIII

    The razor wars

    Don't forget, all of the SE savers live on Mars now and didn't actively participate in the war directly. They did however mined and provided the hipsters with the highest grade plutonium used in the nuclear device on Gillette.
  11. DCRIII

    Large Cologne, Aftershave PIF!!!

    I'm in! I love different aftershaves and don't see any there that I've tried before.
  12. DCRIII

    I've created a monster!!! Pic heavy.

    I used equal parts of each soap. I didn't want either to do more lifting than the other. As for rebatching soap, it is certainly a fine art. I failed miserably the first few times I gave it a go.
  13. DCRIII

    Cabbage Rolls?

    Not a purist here, but beanless chili, especially with ground meat, is perfect as a dip for corn tortillas chips. I make mine using a blend of ground beef, lamb, pork, and bison with ground oatmeal as a thinker. As for cabbage rolls, either I just don't care for them, or my mother is a horrible...
  14. DCRIII

    ALMOST found my birth quarter razor "in the wild."

    I have four. All of which are 1981 B-4 Black Beauties. I'm on the lookout for a Black Handle Super Speed with same date code.
  15. DCRIII

    Which musical instrument should I try to learn?

    I recommend bagpipes!
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