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Recent content by dcobranchi

  1. dcobranchi

    The impossible search

    Bingo! That's what I needed. The official name. Thanks. And so I learned that it was just discontinued about 2 months ago. *sigh*
  2. dcobranchi

    The impossible search

    I'm looking for a replacement for my B&B branded brush. I have found no way to search for "Badger & Blade brush" that doesn't return a bunch of unrelated threads. West Coast Shaving doesn't seem to carry it. Does it no longer exist? The one I have is my daily driver, but I've dropped it more...
  3. dcobranchi

    DIYers - Has anyone ever successfully duplicated Williams Shaving Sticks?

    The Wiki has a list of the pre-1977 ingredients. No percentages, of course. And it's for the puck. The stick is still soft some 40 years later, so I'm guessing the KOH and NaOH are reversed in the stick. But that's a SWAG.
  4. dcobranchi

    DIYers - Has anyone ever successfully duplicated Williams Shaving Sticks?

    I shaved this morning with my favorite vintage soap: Williams Shaving Stick. It's pink in color and rose scented. Smells seriously terrific. I only use it a couple of times a year, since I'll likely never find another one. Which leads me to the title of the thread. Does anyone have a...
  5. dcobranchi

    User grade Flare Tip Superspeed

    The FTSS is my daily driver. My 15-year-old son is just starting to shave. I started him off with a Schick Krona but think that the super reliable Superspeed might be a better choice. I'm not particular about the quality of the Ni plating. Just as long as the TTO works, it'll be all good...
  6. dcobranchi

    Esterbrook is back

    There's a nice article up on usatoday about the revival of the Esterbrook brand. Does anyone here know if these new Esties are any good?
  7. dcobranchi

    Why are SE shavers uncommon?

    I find the Treet carbon steel blades sharper than a SS blade. They're higher maintenance, of course, and I really only get 4 good shaves from a blade. But, oh what great shaves, they are!
  8. dcobranchi

    Personna '74 Questions

    Sorry, I can't help you with sourcing blades but removing the blade from an injector is relatively easy, if not recommended. Take your injector and just partially insert a new blade. Really just a few mm. It will push the old one out the same distance. Then withdraw the injector and push the...
  9. dcobranchi

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    WWII era GEM 1912 with a Treet carbon steel blade (2)
  10. dcobranchi

    Why are SE shavers uncommon?

    Yep. The "Junior" designation in GEM's line of SEs originally meant it took the new fangled disposable SE blades. There's very little difference in design between a late 1890s wedge lather catcher and a 1901 GEM Jr.
  11. dcobranchi

    Why are SE shavers uncommon?

    There's a bit of a learning curve with SE. A 1912 uses a completely different angle of attack than a DE. I'd strongly encourage you to give them a few more tries. Use a very shallow angle. Barely above parallel to your skin. I have many, many DEs and my go to is a 1901 GEM Junior lather...
  12. dcobranchi

    Tell me about desk pens

    I have a couple of Esterbrook hockey pucks on my desk. Both were eBay purchases. The one on the left has a US House of Representatives seal on it. I switched out the original nibs with Osmiroid fine. Probably my favorite pens.
  13. dcobranchi

    Nib Acquisitions, December 2014

    I believe they will only take the proprietary Sheaffer cartridges. Although, you can always refill an empty cartridge with whatever ink you want, using a syringe with a blunt-tip needle. I had to try it. The international cartridges work. They look a little odd, but the ink flows fine.
  14. dcobranchi

    Nib Acquisitions, December 2014

    I nabbed a couple of Sheaffer cartridge pens (#304 nbs) on the Bay for $7 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Vintage-Sheaffer-Founbtain-Pens-w-304-Nibs-L-K-/131359717219?nma=true&si=JPbcxp%252B%252BAbJTbbsAFYWzmlTH%252Fq8%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I really like these...
  15. dcobranchi

    SE's added to the Den

    Putting the Damaskeene top plate back on is trickier than it looks. The spring loaded tab must stick up through the opening in the top plate. Otherwise the blade won't load. I find a jeweler's screwdriver to be the perfect tool for holding the tab vertically while snapping the tiny side...
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