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    My Plan to Eliminate Razor Burn on My Neck

    I had the same problem at first. I've recently found that using noxzema as a preshave works well. I use a fat handle tech, with derby blades so far giving the best results. Those blades feel a little dull on a 2+ day growth, so I'll use a feather in my ball end tech on the first pass and then...
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    Memorial Day Weekend PIF! - CONUS

    829. Awesome pif
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    Win a Free Tube of Proraso Sandalwood!

    +1. I love sandalwood and I've never had a chance to try proraso yet.
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    Newbie straight user

    Thanks Jake. That's what I was worried about more so than the blade being shave ready. He had several, so I may run back there in the next couple days or so and snap some pics.
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    PIF for Newbies: Two Year Anniversary

    Congrats to the winner, and great pif!
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    New find today

    The two silvers are the ones i got today. The "New" i found a couple weeks ago. This is my Gillette family, and i feel safe to say that it will grow quickly. They're in decent shape, just cleaned with soap and a tooth brush. Im not complaining. oh and sorry for the quality. iPad cameras aren't...
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    New find today

    So today there was an art festival in town (a very small town) and I was walking around the square. I decided to go into the local antique shop and see what they had (shaving related of course :) I seen a glass case from a distance and I knew I had found some DE razors. It doesn't happen often...
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    PIF: GEM Open Comb MicroMatic Razor w/3 PTFE Blades!

    I'd like a swing (swipe?) at it. Got a gillette "new" open comb, but I've heard good things about the SE. and same as frank, if it's not my cup of tea, on to the next member.
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    PIF: British Rocket

    I'm in. So far all I've used is a Gillette new open comb. Been wanting to try a TTO since I started! Thanks for the pif.
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    Newbie straight user

    Thanks for all the info. And Captain, that sounds awesome! I found a few today at an antique shop, but none were shave ready and that might be a bit much for me to tackle not knowing if I like it yet.
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    Newbie straight user

    This may belong on the newbie forum, but I thought I would try here first. I'm looking to get started using a straight and I've never done it before. I've watched countless videos and read many posts here on b&b so I think I know how to do it. I'm asking you all, what would be a good straight to...
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    PIF for Newbies: Two Year Anniversary

    I'm in! This is a great pif.
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    PIF #2 Col. Conk Almond NIP

    I'm in!
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    Groom manly gift ideas (razor, soap, pen, whiskey...)

    A store called things remembered has tons of relatively inexpensive manly gifts that you can have engraved with whatever you want. Several options, most under $100 engraved.
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    Advice needed on carry-on bag options...

    From what you mentioned this may work well. Same brand as the others you have listed. http://www.tumi.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4063084&prodFindSrc=prodCrossSell&refProd=4209915