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  1. Davidkimberly

    Calling all Louisiana members

    Stopped in my favorite pharmacy again today. They're stocking even more products.
  2. Davidkimberly

    Looking to upgrade, need advice

    I say to find a good Fatboy or slim. Who Dat!
  3. Davidkimberly

    Shave Finds In italy

    Bellissimo! Voglio andare in Italia!
  4. Davidkimberly

    3,000th Post PIF

    I'M IN!
  5. Davidkimberly

    Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2019

    Enjoying a NOLA Brewery Irish Channel Stout. Thick, rich, and delicious
  6. Davidkimberly

    Help ID these razors

    I'm trying to get some info on these razors for a friend. 1. . 2. Any information would be very appreciated.
  7. Davidkimberly

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    Fatip Piccolo Special Edition on the porch when we got home from the Mississippi Coast today. Just in time for my birthday.
  8. Davidkimberly

    TJ Maxx find

    Found this at TJ Maxx on our way out of town Wednesday The other interesting thing they had (several jars) was Thayer's witch hazel pads. Thought about getting some but decided not to.
  9. Davidkimberly

    PIF. Surprise!

    Not in as I was the recipient of your last PIF. As such I can testify that it's even more generous than it seems.
  10. Davidkimberly

    Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

    Seems like his technique needs work.
  11. Davidkimberly

    Calling all Louisiana members

    They are still open. They sell only Merkur blades "because they're the best." They sell 2 Merkur razors. And besides their house brand they sell only the big Brits for soaps and creams, excluding TOBS because "It's become such a discount brand." And to top it off they now do their hot towel...
  12. Davidkimberly

    Calling all Louisiana members

    I was in downtown New Orleans this afternoon. Apparently the Art of Shaving store connected to Rubensteins at St. Charles and Canal has closed. Sadly, New Orleans becomes more of a wet shaving desert. West Coast Shaving should open a branch called Gulf Coast Shaving.
  13. Davidkimberly

    Gratuitous Shave Den Photos

    Thanks, @naughtilus, that's a perfect complement. Exactly the atmosphere I had hoped for. But so well organized and delightful to look at!
  14. Davidkimberly

    Gratuitous Shave Den Photos

    please disregard my coffee in the second photo.
  15. Davidkimberly


    Tyson Fury is a chump. This "linear champion" thing is a bogus hype by ESPN to try to recoup there investment in an unworthy guy. It seems like he is in zero hurry to get back in the ring with a decent opponent. I love Andy Ruiz but I worry that he got too much money too fast. I'm hoping he...