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  1. Davidkimberly

    Large Cologne, Aftershave PIF!!!

    Looks like a wonderful selection. I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. Davidkimberly

    Teach me about hats

    As an avid hat wearer I strongly recommend finding a quality hat shop and trying on as many different styles as possible. Find one you feel comfortable in. For guidance check out "Kevin from JJ Hat Center" on YouTube. Kevin has worked at JJ Hats in New York for 25 years. JJ is widely considered...
  3. Davidkimberly

    What are you listening to?

    James Booker Live at the Maple Leaf
  4. Davidkimberly

    The Amway Aftershave Thread

    Just got a NOS bottle of Points North in the World Globe decanter. Now I want to find Tonga in the Tiki bottle.
  5. Davidkimberly

    Vintage and unusual aftershaves: Post your photos

    Just got a NOS bottle of Amway Points North in the World Globe decanter.
  6. Davidkimberly

    Proraso preshave cream

    I like the green and use it primarily because the menthol is much stronger than the shave soap or cream. I like that punch up it gives.
  7. Davidkimberly

    Calling all Louisiana members

    My heart goes out to all of those folks.
  8. Davidkimberly

    Calling all Louisiana members

    Pretty much hold up in my home since Mardi Gras. Hoping everyone got through the storm safely.
  9. Davidkimberly

    Contest - guess the new name!

    Siren song
  10. Davidkimberly

    AoS Peppermint Cream

    I found a tub at a GREATLY reduced price at an Ulta store. Got it because I couldn't pass it up at the price. I love it. I am rationing it. I only use it in December because the scent smells so Christmasy.
  11. Davidkimberly

    Declining sales at the, "Three T's?"

    Although I have and use TOBS and consider it to be a fine product, I won't use Trufitt and Hill or Trumper (DR Harris also). They happen to be some of the only traditional shaving products available locally but the one merchant that sells them is very elitist and overpriced. They refuse to sell...
  12. Davidkimberly

    Third Time Around - PIF

    Got the package last night. Super generous. Thanks @DEPenguin!
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