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  1. Davidkimberly

    King C Gillette PIF

    I'm in. I've checked the 4 closest Walgreens and no luck.
  2. Davidkimberly

    Third Time Around - PIF

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your generosity.
  3. Davidkimberly

    What TV series you watching?

    Rewatching Foyle's War. I could watch it with the sound off just for his expressions.
  4. Davidkimberly

    Third Time Around - PIF

    I'm in 3 days in a weekend are the best.
  5. Davidkimberly

    Fred Willard Dead

    I really admired him. Terrific character actor. He always had such a sense of sincerity that played so well against Mull's schmarminess. My favorite Fernwood Tonight was when Tom Waits appeared. So good! His work with Christopher Guest was also great. Such a loss.
  6. Davidkimberly

    King C Gillette Razor Blades

    What was the cost? I heard that they were going for 60 cents a blade. Seems extravagant.
  7. Davidkimberly

    ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

    Very cool but I'm kind of an animal wienie. I once came upon a raccoon that stood his ground and freaked me out. He stood on his back legs and hissed at me. I remember him being about 6 feet tall. :eek2: Another time I was running on a trail in Monterey County when I came inches from stepping...
  8. Davidkimberly

    Interesting Take on a Panama Hat

    That's where I got mine.
  9. Davidkimberly

    Badger & Blade Weight Loss Thread

    195 as of yesterday. This is the first time I've been able tools weight without following a program (usually WW). I find that very encouraging. I know that if it gets to difficult I can fall back on the structure of a program for additional support.
  10. Davidkimberly

    ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

    Week 9 day 2 C2 5k Thirty minute run. Boy does it feel good to be able to run for a half hour without stopping. I'm doing Couch to 10k on alternate days because I wasn't happy with just 3 days a week. The c2 10k runs this week are 4x10 minutes with 1 minute walks between. I found that a little...
  11. Davidkimberly

    ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

    Week 8 day 2 28 minute uninterrupted run. It was hotter the hell today.
  12. Davidkimberly

    The Intercontinental All Italian Shave-Off

    Proraso Green Pre- shave Soap Balm Splash Omega Bandera Italiana boar Gillette superadjustable 109 Astra green
  13. Davidkimberly

    ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

    Finished week 7 and feeling good. The weather took a pleasant turn, cooling off quite a bit which made for a very pleasant run. Looking forward to week 8.
  14. Davidkimberly

    Badger & Blade Weight Loss Thread

    Finally broke through to Onederland today-199. I'm very pleased.
  15. Davidkimberly

    ROTD Run Of The Day : post yours

    Week 7 day 2 25 minute run. It's getting warmer and the humidity is high. Great NOLA running weather.