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Recent content by david1201

  1. D

    Non-tallow shaving soap - any recommendations?

    Razorock King Louis Lavender Karite is one of the best out there IMHO. However, tallow allergies are pretty much unheard of - the soaps you mentioned have a fair amount of "junk" ingredients, I would suggest you try a tallow soap made with limited ingredients & Essential Oils, think you'll...
  2. D

    Looking for a new MILD DE.

    DE89 is a mild razor and a great choice! I can burn thru a shave with poor technique with mine, and not have it bite me (as long as I'm using a good blade.)
  3. D

    Vintage Gillette vs. Current Muhle R89/EJ89

    I agree with the whole quality of vintage versus new (plated) razors, but it fascinates me that in this day and age of so many new, great razors, and internet shopping that anyone is really going to use one razor regularly for more than a year or two, let alone 20 or more years!
  4. D

    Edwin Jagger DE89 grip

    Adding a nice SS handle will solve that problem, best value is probably the Weber bulldog.
  5. D

    Vintage Gillette vs. Current Muhle R89/EJ89

    The DE89s are hard to beat - I started DE shaving with mine and still use it often. Can easily provide a BBS. Since I added a shim to mine I've fallen back in love with it, wondering why I spent all this money on high-end razors....
  6. D

    Have you ever gone through a short period of frequent nicks?

    Has happened to me when I get lazy with my lather- not enough load time, or not enough elbow grease!
  7. D

    Must try soaps?

    Hungarian Lavender is a must! After that it's a tough call, my vote would probably go to lime.
  8. D

    Must try soaps?

    Mike's Natural Soaps & Pannacrema
  9. D

    Thinking about getting a second DE razor.which one?

    Whatever you get, may I suggest shimming your DE89 to make sure you are ready to go to the next level? I sometimes wonder why I bother with buying different razors when an EJ DE89 with a shim or two seems to give me a super-close, smooth, comfortable shave. Here's a thread on it...
  10. D

    I have a problem, I'm such a hoarder.

    I feel so much better about myself! It should take me at least 2-3 more months to get to that many soaps! :lol:
  11. D

    B&B Forum Make up by age

    48, and about 8 months in!
  12. D

    Picking First DE Safety Razor. Currenly using Straight Razer.

    I'll 2nd the Gillette 7 o'clocks yellows and the Polsilver Super Iridiums, maybe some Bolzanos if he carries them.
  13. D

    Picking First DE Safety Razor. Currenly using Straight Razer.

    I would go with the EJ DE89 or a Muhle R89 (better handle). I keep reading about quality control issues with Merkur.
  14. D

    Which Stainless Steel to Get?

    I had a Weber for two months - its a really nice shaver, but ultimately it was too similar to my EJ DE89, and it often gave me some (very) mild razor burn when I went for a BBS shave. I get a closer, smoother shave with my current generation Ikon SB Razor. The Ikon is an interesting shave -...
  15. D

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Ikon SB : Gillette SharpEdge (Yellow)
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