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  1. DaveNJ74

    FS Plastic Weishi TTO DE

    Great little razor good for travel. It was hard to find but the razor wasn't for me. Hopefully someone else can enjoy it. Black Wish Twist To Open DE Razor - $20 CONUS
  2. DaveNJ74

    FS or FT Refurbished Simms Canada Silvertip Shaving Brush in 22mm

    I bought this brush recently off the bay, its a refurbished Simms shaving brush with a silvertip knot in 22mm. Its very nice and clean but a little too soft for my taste. Im willing to make an even trade for an AOS ( Art of Shaving ) ivory colored brush in Fine or Pure badger. For some reason I...
  3. DaveNJ74

    .40 vs 9mm?

    Personal preference I guess. I have both the Glock 19 and 26. I was trained on both, very easy to clean and take care of. I assume the 40 cal is the same except bigger round.
  4. DaveNJ74

    To any Jewish members have a Wonderful Chanukah

    Don't get between me and a bowl of borscht….
  5. DaveNJ74


    We went from wandering the desert to wandering around the Short Hills Mall….oy..
  6. DaveNJ74

    transition to civilian life (advice needed)

    Sit in Starbucks a few hours a day, stare at people glued to their laptops then wonder why you retired.
  7. DaveNJ74

    Truefitt & Hill Luxury Shaving Soap opinions.

    I tried their soap twice, the Luxury one that comes in the wooden bowl. Both times I couldn't get it to lather well. The scent was nice though.
  8. DaveNJ74

    Shave Sticks

    Just from looking online. Seems its only available in England and South Africa. Tying to find where to buy it online. Not having any luck.
  9. DaveNJ74

    Shave Sticks

    Anyone have any experience with the newer Williams shave stick?
  10. DaveNJ74

    The Blacklist and Battlestar Gallactica

    You forgot the heels...
  11. DaveNJ74

    Air Duct Cleaning

    I had it done when I bought my condo which has central heat and central air. We found a guy online who was local and was there a few hours. I saw all the dust and caked up god knows what that was in the ductwork and he also found a dead squirrel somewhere in there. The condo was 30 years old and...
  12. DaveNJ74

    Iphone 5...whatever it is now

    The whole day yesterday my eyes were killing me. I limited the ios 7 use today and much much better. Think Im going to lok for another phone.
  13. DaveNJ74

    Iphone 5...whatever it is now

    ios 7 makes me nauseous.